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    The 2017/2018 Boston Celtics Regular season thread

    MaMo feels to me like what we hoped we were getting in Rasheed Wallace when he signed with the 2009-10 team. It’s worked out better with Morris so far. Sheed had completely lost his outside shot by the time he joined the Cs.
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    Koji Uehara: one of the 20 best relief seasons ever?

    Last night, Koji notched his 100th strikeout. He has walked 9 on the year. I had trouble verifying this on B-Ref, but according to Alex Speier he is the first major league pitcher ever to record 100 strikeouts with fewer than 10 walks. I know this is a silly little bit of trivia, but I think it...
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    David Ortiz, Elder Batsman

       And to be fair to Lose, I searched on an archived site and couldn't find any direct mentions of this, so I was wrong to attribute it to SoSH. However, the comparison wasn't unreasonable at the time. The two had very comparable offensive numbers in the three seasons before Ortiz signed with...
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    David Ortiz, Elder Batsman

    Does anyone else remember the days when Ortiz's nickname on these forums was the "Dominican Daubach"?  It's amazing how far his career has come since then, although I do miss his other nickname (Flo).  Credit to Eric Van who did one of his epic studies at the time hailing the signing.  Even EV...
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    Aaron Hernandez charged with 1st degree murder; released by Patriots

    All of the Hernandez news had me revisiting the Gronk has a broken forearm thread from February, which included this post contrasting the off-field lives of Gronkowski and Hernandez (member's name withheld):   I suspect that Hernandez is more the type to kick back in his crib at the end of the...