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  1. TroyOLeary

    Team USA 2024

    The apple time thing isn't actually real: View:
  2. TroyOLeary

    National Celtics discourse

    I'm a big Lowe fan, and I had to shut it off. It was embarrassing. He then went on to talk about some ridiculous hypothetical around if you ran a simulation on the 6 foul calls, you'd probably average around 5 fouls, completely ignoring any possible other fouls Luka committed that weren't...
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    New York Knicks (2) vs Indiana Pacers (6) - 2024 EC Second Round

    Gregg Doyel just came back from suspension and is restricted to giving his bad weird basketball takes to the men's game.
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    5/15 - G5 vs. CLE - Gentleman's Sweep

    He gets a lifetime pass for the 3-0 hand gesture to Embiid in 2018.
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    Who's Ineligible For All-NBA?

    You need to play 20 minutes for a game to count (with 2 exceptions for 15-19 minutes allowed), so technically Haliburton has missed 4, as he only played 13 minutes against the Celtics the other night. It also adds another missed game to Kyrie's total, meaning he can't miss another game (not...
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    Week 6 - Pats @ Raiders

    patsaregonnago2-15beatthejetstwiceanddraftcalebwilliams is my meditation mantra
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    Week 6 - Pats @ Raiders

    embedded dolphin
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    2023 NBA Playoffs

    Because the 9:00 timeslot is the NBA TV game, and they're not putting Lebron and the Lakers on NBA TV.
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    3/13 Celtics @ Rockets

    The Bucks lost in this building in December.
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    NFL Officiating: Zebras gone wild

    It was the first holding call of the game on either side. They called 10 penalties, 9 accepted. Philly penalties: Offensive PI Hands to the Face False Start Delay of Game Offside Defensive Holding KC Penalties: Offside Encroachment False Start Offside (Declined)
  11. TroyOLeary

    10-18-2022: Sixers @ Celtics

    I mean, he's right? A 45% shooter is more likely to get 3 points than a 70% FT shooter is, but that's because a 3 pointer only has 2 possible outcomes - 0 points or 3 points. But ultimately, you'd rather have the free throws, because 2.1 expected points is better than 1.35 expected points.
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    Strongly disagree with the "leaving it up to the players" approach. That hangs Poole out to dry, putting him in a no-win situation.
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    2022 Boston College Football

    I have no earthly clue how or why Zay stayed, but he's at least giving me a reason to continue watching this year.
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    NBA Standings Watch

    After last night's results, Nets now can't catch the Bulls, and they almost definitely won't catch the Raptors, who only need to go 2-4 in their last 6 to clinch a better record than the Nets, and they have games left against Orlando, Houston, and the Knicks. So Nets in the play-in is now a...
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    NBA Standings Watch

    Yeah the Nets aren't catching the Bulls - they'd need to win out and have the Bulls go 1-5 or 0-6 in their last six. Those last six contain 5 home games, and the Bulls have the best home record in the East. I frankly highly doubt they're catching the Raptors either. Even if the Nets win out...
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    2020 NBA Draft Game Thread

    Yes. I don't think this has ever happened in the lottery era. Even the infamous 2000 and 2014 drafts had Kenyon Martin and Oladipo who were both all stars at least once.
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    Who are you?

    Udonis Haslem - a role player who has somehow managed to carve out a 15+ year career playing exclusively for his hometown team, and won multiple championships to boot.
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    Deadspin is Burning

    In terms of unique visitors, it's not close (the extent to which unique visitors translates to revenue/profit is debatable, but the readership is certainly much bigger). WSJ is paywalled, but...
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    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    They've been in the lottery six times in the past six years.