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  1. Hosey and Housie

    2015 Gold Cup

        If anybody is looking for tickets in the AO section at Foxboro, I have 2 tickets that I can't use (just looking for face value, send me a PM). The AO tailgate for the Spain game a few years ago is still talked about as one of, if not the best AO tailgate of all time!
  2. Hosey and Housie

    I want to go to a match in Europe

    Just wanted to add the Irish FA uses Ticketmaster so you might be able to signup for on sale alerts etc at some point in the near future. I went to the US vs Ireland game there in November (I got my tickets through US Soccer but noticed they were available via TM too). Stadium is on the...
  3. Hosey and Housie

    Bluetooth Speakers

    Bump. Just wondering if anybody had any recent recommendations and/or additional reviews? I'm looking to purchase Bluetooth speakers that are portable and preferably under $100.   Thanks!
  4. Hosey and Housie

    I want to go to a match in Europe

      I'm looking to go to the Chelsea vs West Brom match too. I got shutout on the members sale and there won't be any for the general sale. Any advice from Sosh? Think I can pick up tickets from a tout before the game? I went to a Champions League game there a few year ago and it wasn't an issue...
  5. Hosey and Housie

    Recommend me a tablet

      I have an Iphone but my laptops are PCs. I'd like to keep it under $500. Size? Was looking in the 9-10 inch but not opposed to smaller.
  6. Hosey and Housie

    Recommend me a tablet

    I’m in the market for a tablet, I travel a lot so I’m looking for something where I can download movies/shows and do some web surfing, email, Facebook, Instagram etc. Everybody I know has an Ipad so I don’t know much about other tablet options so I’m looking for some feedback as I start the...
  7. Hosey and Housie

    NASCAR 2014

    has anybody been to a race at Fontana? Looks like I'll be going to the race with a friend. Any advice for good seats or general suggestions? Any parking suggestions? When I go to Loudon, I park off track property and can get out pretty timely. When I park on the track property, it takes several...