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  1. CoolPapaBellhorn

    What Was The Red Sox Starting Lineup For Your First Home Opener in Person?

    2004. 10-5 loss to the Jays. I have no memory of Ellis Burks hitting third(!) in this lineup.
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    How Many Games Does Anthony Rendon Play In 2024?

    Damn you, I was scrolling through hoping nobody took this. Since Pedro is off the table I’ll take 34 for Ortiz.
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    Robbie Ray traded to SF for Haniger, DeScalfini, and cash

    Nope, I got confused and thought you were talking about both players going to Seattle. My bad.
  4. CoolPapaBellhorn

    Robbie Ray traded to SF for Haniger, DeScalfini, and cash

    Ray also has an opt out after this year.
  5. CoolPapaBellhorn

    Red Sox (WEEI) looking for a new Play by Play/Analyst Announcer

    It's almost certainly Sean after he roasted the Betts trade during the Dodger series last year. If I remember correctly, the line, after Betts' HR in the rubber game, was "a trade that can never be forgiven and a stain that will never be erased." I also hope it isn't him and echo the chorus who...
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    Choosing your Favorite Child

    04 07 18 13 '04 needs no explanation. '07 and '18 were loaded with young, homegrown talent that were so much fun to watch. It's a shame neither group really sustained it. '13 still had some of those homegrown stars from '07, but it also made Jonny Gomes a thing for the rest of my life.
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    Ohtani Watch

    Source is a Dodger blog. Not sure this is "official" official yet... Dodgers Nation
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    Has refereeing/umpiring gotten significantly worse in all sports recently?

    I only skimmed the thread, so apologies if this was already mentioned, but if the complaining is what is really increasing, then the legalization of sports gambling may be the culprit. Far more people now give a crap if that pass interference was called correctly because their second half parlay...
  9. CoolPapaBellhorn

    Larry Lucchino to sell the Worcester Red Sox to Diamond Baseball Holdings

    Lucchino is completing with the PawSox what John Fisher is currently trying to do with the A’s. For that, his ownership group deserves equal scorn, regardless of whether you like the new ballpark and/or location better. He screwed over one municipality, convinced another to screw themselves...
  10. CoolPapaBellhorn

    MLB playoffs suck (at picking the best team)

    It's not so much that the best team doesn't win that's off-putting, it's that the 5th or 6th best team in a league can win. 8 really was the perfect number of teams. They'll never go backwards, but the thing to do instead of expanding to 10 teams (I believe Bud's nonsensical quote at the time...
  11. CoolPapaBellhorn

    How do you do that thing you do?......Grid Game Strategies

    I use the Crossover Grid as practice. I openly cheat and search for the most obscure answers that I will hopefully retain for Immaculate Grid someday. Otherwise I start with my depth knowledge areas (Red Sox players, late 80s baseball cards, late 90s/early 2000s video games, fantasy baseball is...
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    Wander Franco Is In Trouble (Grooming/Pedo Warning)

    I don't disagree. I was referencing the weirdness of the Rays' statement mentioned by @Marciano490. Teams probably should stay hands-off if MLB is already involved, but how they communicate with fans about the issue in the meantime (usually not at all) is frustrating.
  13. CoolPapaBellhorn

    Wander Franco Is In Trouble (Grooming/Pedo Warning)

    It’s a crutch for the teams. They don’t say anything while MLB handles the investigation. That was the standard line from the Dodgers during the Trevor Bauer situation, even as they extended his leave every two weeks. They literally said/did nothing else until MLB suspended him and then the team...
  14. CoolPapaBellhorn

    Trade Deadline 2023 General Thread

    So add "problems with subtraction" to Bob's twitter escapades. Assuming that $54m figure is correct, they'd owe him $39m. Pretty sweet deal if you can get it, assuming he's still got a solid year and a half in him.
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    Summer 2023 NHL News (Offseason?) Thread

    Rocky Wirtz dead at 70. Talk about a checkered tenure. He took over for his father, the most hated owner this side of Jeremy Jacobs (at the time), back in 2009, and immediately put the team's games back on local TV. Since then he oversaw a dynasty, including ending the longest cup draught in the...
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    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    16 today. I should retire now - no chance I ever top that.
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    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    Octavio Dotel and Fernando Rodney are my go-to dart throws.
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    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    This game is pure crack. Usually the stats/awards throw me for the highest percentages, but today it was the Mariners column.
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    July MLB thread

    Rob Manfred?
  20. CoolPapaBellhorn

    2023 Angels: A Sho-wan song?

    Probably the reason for this: View: