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  1. Phil Plantier

    2024 UEFA Men’s European Championship

    So the Romania-Ukraine match is not on TV tomorrow morning? I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t watch a major tournament game. World Cup 1990?
  2. Phil Plantier

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    I'll up the bidding: I'd trade 2 rings for a 2007 win. I would think about trading 3.
  3. Phil Plantier

    The WNBA: Thread II

    And a bad crunchtime foul capped with a technical. More good: passing looks a lot better, hit a 33' 3 pointer. This is a nice bit of perspective on WNBA rookies in general and this crop in particular. Summary: rookie guards struggle, rookie bigs tend to do better out of the gate.
  4. Phil Plantier

    2024 UDFA

    That is fun. In case you need a cold shower afterwards
  5. Phil Plantier

    2024 Track and Field

    Has anyone been to this? How is it for spectators?
  6. Phil Plantier

    UPDATED: SI builds a wall ... now wall crumbles

    Connor Orr does great off-the-wall football pieces.
  7. Phil Plantier

    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    I pay for it (at the lowest tier). Brian Robb is on it too. I like a Celtics-specific podcast 2/3 times a week (5x/week at higher tiers). I don't know that there's any crucial info that you're missing out on, but I like the interplay of the hosts (Sam Packard too).
  8. Phil Plantier

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    That's a little dishonest (quelle surprise), as he framed it as a salary dump and the Lakers doing right by LeBron.
  9. Phil Plantier

    Patriots v. Broncos: Balls.

    Barmore was dominant, no doubt. Also: Mac Wilson had some epic Wilson-on-Wilson crime Mapu punched the ball out for the key 3rd TD Dugger with a night of hard clean hits
  10. Phil Plantier

    2023 Patriots Injury/Roster Moves Thread

    Nathan Rourke was a sensation in the CFL. I know it's probably too late for him to start this season, but I'm stupidly optimistic that he can play in the NFL. Also he did this: View:
  11. Phil Plantier

    UPDATED: SI builds a wall ... now wall crumbles

    Isn't "we hired someone to produce our content" worse than "we used an AI to write content"?
  12. Phil Plantier

    NBA In-Season Tournament 2023 Discussion and Gamethread

    Yup, you're all correct, I wasn't subtracting the potential point differential from the Kings.
  13. Phil Plantier

    NBA In-Season Tournament 2023 Discussion and Gamethread

    I think that's only true if the Timberwolves lose. Otherwise I think Sacramento wins the group either way.
  14. Phil Plantier

    Bills game ball thread

    In my excitement I forgot Douglas. Hell, even Davante Parker caught a pass.
  15. Phil Plantier

    Bills game ball thread

    Mac Motherfucking Jones Julius (lol) Jabril Peppers Bill Belichick
  16. Phil Plantier

    MLB playoffs suck (at picking the best team)

    I think MLS is trying to thread that needle with the Commissioner's Shield and an entry into the CONCACAF Champions League. I don't think it's 100% successful. If we get some mediocre teams winning the World Series, I wonder if we start using terms like "regular season champion"
  17. Phil Plantier

    MLB playoffs suck (at picking the best team)

    That's true. But shouldn't the best team win more often than it does? Shouldn't stronger teams have a better chance of winning than they currently do? At some point the randomness undermines the regular season
  18. Phil Plantier

    MLB playoffs suck (at picking the best team)

    I missed this article when it was posted last year. Apologies if this was discussed here at the time. That was when the top 2 teams were eliminated in the first round. We have a bigger problem now. Money graph is here (bad quality from original, for some reason) The article recommends going...
  19. Phil Plantier

    2023 Jets: Hello Darkness Retreat, My Old Friend

    I recommend you watch this answer from Saleh's press conference yesterday. The transcript does not do it justice. This is coach speak for "we need another QB in the building" View: Edit: not sure why the big screen isn't...
  20. Phil Plantier

    Game 2 Mia, goats

    We saw Mahomes play behind a line like this - it's why Brady has his 7th Super Bowl.