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  1. Pandemonium67

    Tom Brady is retired

    Several Pats have talked about Brady being the toughest player on the team. He could take hits and also learned how to protect himself. And he deserves tons of credit for the work he did, avocado shakes and all, to add to his longevity. He revolutionized training to such a degree that sports...
  2. Pandemonium67

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    Then there was the game at Baltimore when the Ravens would've beat them but the refs gave Harbaugh a timeout, probably improperly, which backfired and let the Pats score the game-winning TD. The Pats were wobbly and fading at that point in the season.
  3. Pandemonium67

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    The Atlanta SB was absolutely legendary. Cannot give that one up, even for immortality. That said, I'd kinda consider it if the Pats won the 07 SB by Brady completing an 85-yard bomb (or whatever it was) to Moss in the last minute. Yeah, I'd have to consider that.
  4. Pandemonium67

    What is next for BB?

    The traditional sexist formula is half the guy's age plus 7. For BB, that's 36 + 7 = 43. She's just over half that.
  5. Pandemonium67

    Roasted GOAT

    Yeah, but imagine the make-up sex afterward.
  6. Pandemonium67

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    Also, Rams #2 helped bookend the dynasty. I'd rather give up any of the first three. edit: Wait, not Rams #1. That's a keeper -- "A dynasty is born."
  7. Pandemonium67

    Sox to trade for Garrett Cooper, Pablo Reyes DFA’d

    More like D.B. Cooper -- disappeared, never to be seen again.
  8. Pandemonium67

    RIP Jerry West

    I learned a ton from that post, thanks. I believe it was West's profile that the NBA used in its logo for all those years.
  9. Pandemonium67

    RIP Bill Walton

    The last time I saw Bill Walton was at the Fare the Well concerts in Santa Clara. A 7-foot redhead in tie-dye, standing right in the thick of things, he was hard to miss. The first time I saw Bill he was with the Trailblazers. A friend and I were going up the West Coast and dropped in on a...
  10. Pandemonium67

    Barmore stays a Patriot: 4 years/up to $92 million extension

    It doesn't make sense to look at moves like the Barmore extension and complain that they still look like a 5-win team. The question is whether they're better with Barmore or without him. The answer is obvious. You've gotta try to improve by getting better players. At the same time, you try...
  11. Pandemonium67

    The Krafts

    I'm glad I've read this thread and found two very positive comments about Jonathan's competence. I hadn't heard much at all about him and figured he got his gigs solely because of his billionaire dad. I also figure, for better or worse, the Pats will be his for the rest of my lifetime. Now I...
  12. Pandemonium67

    Tom Brady is retired

    The guy feels like he can still do it. I wouldn't bet against him, though I imagine there's an elevated chance of injury when he gets sacked. Personally, I'd love to see him come back and keep Mahomes from a three-peat.
  13. Pandemonium67

    Tom Brady is retired

    RK just got a boner and there was no masseuse involved. p.s. Draft some tackles too.
  14. Pandemonium67

    Logan Ryan has retired

    Is he the prick that pick-sixed TB's last pass in a Pats uniform? Whatever, I forgive him.
  15. Pandemonium67

    2004 WS Celebration

    I'm pretty sure Pedro will come parachuting in dressed like Superman, cape and all.
  16. Pandemonium67

    2004 WS Celebration

    Please tell me Mariano's pool wasn't involved.
  17. Pandemonium67

    The TrevorEnding Story: needs shoulder surgery, out for the year (4/9 update)

    So, still a chance this will be like the time Gronk got his knee taken out and writhed on the ground in agony, and I figured career over. He missed like three games.
  18. Pandemonium67

    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    Yeah so ideally the translator is culturally fluent as well as linguistically.
  19. Pandemonium67

    Patriots sign WR KJ Osborn

    Re: BB and Jacobi, we'll never know if Jacobi's game-winning TD pass to Chandler Jones was a factor in Bill letting him go.
  20. Pandemonium67

    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    Benched Welker for a series the entire first quarter in a playoff game that they ultimately lost. That still kills me.