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  1. Lars The Wanderer

    The offseason heading into 2018

    The deal ended up being 3 years for $7 million. That really isn't much of a bullet. This market is crazy.
  2. Lars The Wanderer


    The Giants are at the cap and probably don't have any bats Boston would be interested in. And as offensively challenged as they were in 2017, they'd be pretty reluctant to move offensive pieces anyway.They could definitely use another SP, but I think they're done making moves this offseason.
  3. Lars The Wanderer

    Winter Meetings 2018: Rumors and Speculation

    The Giants may just go with Steven Duggar in CF. I'm not sure this means there's another trade in the works.
  4. Lars The Wanderer

    MLB 2017 Offseason signings news/rumors

    This name is already spoken for by Giants fans. Culberson was traded in 2012 for Marco Scutaro. ;)
  5. Lars The Wanderer

    NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers

    The "Posey Rule" thing has grown to urban legend. The rule didn't change because of Buster Posey. It didn't change until 4 years after that happened. The rule changed because Alex Avila got trucked in the playoffs.
  6. Lars The Wanderer

    Yawkey Way now Jersey St again

    Lugo Lane
  7. Lars The Wanderer

    Pablo Sandoval DFA

    But the Giants aren't paying that which is why they don't give a shit about a weight clause now.
  8. Lars The Wanderer

    Pablo Sandoval DFA

    Or come back making league minimum.
  9. Lars The Wanderer

    Pablo Sandoval DFA

    There was a Merc interview with Sabean the other day and he sounded pissed...and I mean, like furious. It was pretty interesting. I think he might be taking over the reins again and Evans would be GM in name only. Brian basically said they were willing to deal anyone other than Posey, Bumgarner...
  10. Lars The Wanderer

    Pablo Sandoval DFA

    This should be interesting. Pablo talked a lot of shit on his way out of town. On the other hand, Larry has never been one to pass up a marketing opportunity.
  11. Lars The Wanderer

    Outside The Lines: Mike Krukow

    Mike Krukow announced yesterday that he will cut back the number of Giants games he will do starting in 2017. His advancing muscle disease is making it increasingly difficult for him to travel. One of either Jeremy Affeldt or Javier Lopez will fill in for Krukow when he isn't in the booth. A...
  12. Lars The Wanderer

    Even Year Magick vs. They're Due!

    Quibble: The Giants haven't set a game 2 starter yet. It could be Samardzija or Moore. Also, Matt Cain and/or Jake Peavy will not see the mound as a starter in this series.
  13. Lars The Wanderer

    2016 All Star Rosters

    Posey was ahead of Molina when the last NL update was released. Molina shouldn't really be on the team this year.
  14. Lars The Wanderer

    Which type of plate discipline is eating Panda?

    They wanted a weight clause in the contract. Pablo refused.
  15. Lars The Wanderer

    April MLB game thread

    The 2B was Kelby Tomlinson. Joe Panik had the day off and Tomlinson is his backup. And you're right. Casilla, gave up a BB, single and HBP to load the bases so he can fuck right off.
  16. Lars The Wanderer

    Which type of plate discipline is eating Panda?

    Giants are doing their fanfest today. This happened during a Q&A: Fan's question to Bochy: "As a Red Sox fan, can you please take back Pablo."
  17. Lars The Wanderer

    Trophy or ring?

    Well, now Flannery has both. He doesn't have to decide. :D