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    Celtics Offseason 2024 - Wake Me Up When September Ends

    Mostly agree although I think Al will play less this year. He also just needs to be healthy for the playoffs. I would assume something like 15-20% less minutes for him. Which means something like the following: KP: 1,000 Al: 1,500 Remaining: 1,400-2,500 Probably on the lower end of that range...
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    Wyc ownership group planning to make Celtics available for sale

    Maybe BBP is selling all of its shares but the new ownership group (BBP2?) is expected to be a lot of the same people. Not sure why those that are remaining would want to incur capital gains tax now, but maybe spreading it out over a couple years is preferable to a lump sum whenever they do exit.
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    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    Agreed, seems like they still have second round upside. Feels like the media is going to be falling over themselves to anoint the Sixers, Knicks, and Bucks as the likely favorites in the east, allowing the Celtics to play the disrespect card. I like it for a relatively young team coming off a...
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    Derrick White, extends 4yrs/$125.9M

    The salary cap increase is capped at 10% increases per year to avoid a KD to the Warriors scenario. I haven’t been able to find how the luxury tax threshold is calculated, but presumably as a fixed percentage of the salary cap. If so, I would have thought it would make some sense to allow the...
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    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    The Clippers have actually won 14 more regular season games in that time, but the Celtics have won 39 more playoff games (79 to 40!) Edit for clarity: since Brad was hired in 2013.
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    What will be the next number retired by the Celtics?

    Al’s 6 years with the Celtics the team has gone: ECF, ECF, 2nd round, NBA Finals, ECF, NBA Champs. I think he’s a lock to have his jersey retired.
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    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    I think it just shows how much they value rim protection. The other main defensive principals - limiting penetration, contesting 3s - can be done with almost any lineup. But rim protection is harder to find, and also allows for better rotations to the 3 point line knowing there is a big guy back...
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    NY Knicks 2024-25: OG And The Wildcats

    Unless the Knicks can trade Randle for a superstar-to-be-identified later, they would be on my list of teams most likely to underperform expectations next year. Feels like, despite the injuries, they got really hot at the right time last year. Can Brunson have the same kind of year next year? I...
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    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    Missed layups lead to fast breaks the other way. Need to make the layups to slow down the mavs. They have no chance against the half court defense.
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    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    Tim Wakefield as the hero among us tonight. Crowd should be electric through this timeout.
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    NBA Finals, Game 5, June 17: Banner Day>Flag Day

    The d defense the first few minutes has been at an incredible level. Hope they can keep the energy for 48 minutes. They won’t lose playing D like this.
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    6/14 - Finals Game 4 @ DAL – Only Championship Banners

    First 5 minutes of the third will tell the story. A run to cut it to 15-18 and I would feel good. More of the same from the first half and I will just turn it off.
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    Green Zinger Tea - Kristaps Porziņģis 2023-24

    So only in a blowout? Let’s make it happen.
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    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    Agree with this. When they play with any kind of pace (and they have been good about not walking the ball up), JT and JB are getting into the lane at will, often with 10-12 seconds on the shot clock. That’s an eternity to be in rotation against any team, but especially against this Celtics team.
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    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    I think the Cs took 8 shots that were not in the key or 3s, and only 1 that looks like it would be classified as a long 2. The shot quality was incredible. Hard to believe they only scored 105. Do that 2 more times and this series is over.
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    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    The “attack Luka on D” gameplay is working brilliantly. Getting into the paint at will when he tries to guard JT and JB. Just lots of missed wide open shots tonight. Felt like the Mavs were rotating out to the 3 point line better tonight, but that left a lot of room in the paint for cutters...
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    6/9 - Finals Game B vs. DAL - 48 > 40

    Celtics can get a layup whenever they want. Mavs selling out to prevent 3s.
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    NBA Finals: Celtics vs Mavs

    Mavs need to decide if they think they can slow down the Cs 3 point shooting. They have given up 15+ 3pm and 42+ 3pa in each of the 3 games this year. Given the personnel, there is no reason to think they can slow this down. That leads me to believe the Mavs need to shoot as many 3s as they can...