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  1. Gdiguy

    The WNBA: Thread II

    I think the part where that analogy breaks down is that it's not like the top NBA players had any trouble getting lots of press before Wembanyama joined the league. So it's missing the 'there were lots of great players playing in front of 4k fans a game last year, why is this newbie getting all...
  2. Gdiguy

    May 2024 MLB Gamethread

    Is tossing your glove into the stands some unstated horrific act that I'm unaware of? A bunch of the articles have treated it like it's some dangerous act, and I'm... confused why anyone really cares other than Lopez who won't have a worked-in glove anymore?
  3. Gdiguy

    Negro League Stats to Be Integrated Into MLB Database

    I think this is where I am as well; career stats I'm fine with, but something like batting average or ERA makes a huge difference if you're taking about a half or a quarter the season length Bigger-picture, I do hope this doesn't diminish efforts to recognize the Negro Leagues as a separate...
  4. Gdiguy

    NBA formalizing deals with Disney, Amazon, NBC that would begin with the 2025-26 season

    I don't think this is revolutionary, but I agree; I think the 'let's start a serious Latin American league, run as a separate entity but where the NBA negotiates / gets a cut of media rights' is a real option... an NBA team in Mexico just isn't right now. There's going to be too much of a...
  5. Gdiguy

    Let’s Talk About These New Uniforms

    I'm biased against Fanatics as well, but the argument for blaming them here seems largely around a kind of flippant 'responsibility' claim of a low-level Fanatics social media person, which I think is getting way over-interpreted It really does seem like Nike needed to change things for the...
  6. Gdiguy

    Let’s Talk About These New Uniforms

    If that’s the toned down version remaining after the lawyers and political folks re-wrote that statement, MLB must be really really pissed at Nike
  7. Gdiguy

    Which Current MLBers Will Be In the Hall of Fame?

    I think we’re rapidly approaching a point with Pitchers where we need to decide if we’re going to value quality or durability… because I’d take Johan or DeGrom in the HoF for sure over some of the more ‘likely’ options that are just very good for 15 years rather than spectaular for 3-5. Johan...
  8. Gdiguy

    Raptors' Jontay Porter banned from NBA for betting on games

    I admit I do find something funny about these bets being offered, and then if someone actually bets them, it’s obviously a sign of a bad actor and it must be frozen and investigated
  9. Gdiguy

    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    The amount of conspiracy theory searching in this thread is really kind of crazy... so now in addition to MLB, the FBI is also trying to hide Ohtani's gambling? Some of you think way too highly of how rich people handle stuff - based on my dealings with a few 'wealthy' people I'm not at all...
  10. Gdiguy

    Bronny declares for NBA draft

    I think the bolded is the issue though - how do you define the best interests of someone who has zero need for $? Yeah, it might be better for his 'career' to develop more in NCAA / elsewhere, but what if his interest in playing with his dad for a couple years? I'm not sure I can really strongly...
  11. Gdiguy

    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    yeah, at least to me the Occam’s razor answer is the easiest here - the first story (he covered his friends gambling debt because to Ohtani $5M is nothing now) was accurate, and then someone in his orbit realized ‘hey guys, what you just admitted to is technically a crime and can get you banned...
  12. Gdiguy

    Let’s Talk About These New Uniforms

    They're pre-preparing for climate change where the players will be out in 115 weather It really is mind-blowing how a multi-billion dollar organization like MLB is willing to outsource decisions on stuff like 'our players look ridiculous' to a company trying to save a few $
  13. Gdiguy

    NBA All-Star Game Weekend 2024 with Dunks, Skills, 3 Point Competitions, ASG: Hooiser Daddy?

    The nice thing about MLB is that the difference between 'trying all-out' and 'not really pushing that hard' isn't nearly as large (and basically means 'don't dive for balls in the outfield or take extra risks running bases')... I'm sure the pitchers aren't pushing throwing as much breaking...
  14. Gdiguy

    ESPN, FOX, Warner Bros to launch standalone streaming app

    I think they're in the early phases of merging Hulu into D+; this seems like phase 2 of that plan, which is to jettison ESPN+ I think what we're actually heading towards is basically 'cable', except 'cable' meaning 'a $100/month package where you get the streaming platforms from Disney...
  15. Gdiguy

    What is next for BB?

    Eh I think that's true and not true... Like the bolded is true, but it's true because everyone you're drafting has zero track record in the NFL - and even picks that are supposed to have a 'high floor' still flame out a lot more often than former all-Pro players do. I agree this is what's...
  16. Gdiguy

    Black Monday watch

    Really? It's tough to imagine someone would hire the coach with the most SB wins and the greatest overall resume of any current option? I know people like prospects, but at some point you have to recognize that some teams are going to go for track record over 'the last two years'... I pulled up...
  17. Gdiguy

    This is now: BB and the direction of the Patriots

    As an outsider, I do have to say this thread is great - the ongoing whiplash between ‘BB is terrible now and can’t be trusted to draft anymore’ and ‘another team will trade a (multiple!) top 10 draft picks for him’ is… something
  18. Gdiguy

    U11 Soccer - Coach's Kid Being Prioritized

    I don't agree with the whole post, but - This is kind of where I am with this... I mean fundamentally it seems like you want a team that's more focused on competing and having your (better) kid playing more, which we can argue about whether it's right or wrong for U11 but that's immaterial -...
  19. Gdiguy

    Shohei Ohtani is an LA Dodger: 10 years/$700 million

    'Should rich people have to pay income taxes' is maybe V&N thread (though I don't know it's really an interesting one)... but I do think this is a loophole that will be closed rapidly. The intent of allowing deferred compensation wasn't to allow someone to defer 97% of their income in order to...
  20. Gdiguy

    Shohei Ohtani is an LA Dodger: 10 years/$700 million

    Yeah, CA’s FTB (tax org) is one of the most aggressive in deciding what counts as ‘doing business in CA’ - I strongly suspect they think ‘getting paid for games played in CA 10 years prior’ counts as CA income