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    Red Sox HOF Class of '14: Clemens, Pedro, Nomar, and Joe Castiglione

    Nomar absolutely deserves that honor. Most of you, like Marblehead, the yellowdort and Eric Von weren't fans back then and don't remember his greatness.
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    You're is great shape for a sub -4, especially down there. I'd echo what Yammer said about the taper down. Drop your miles significantly from here on out -- you know you can do the distance, and the last 6 miles are all mental, anyway. Continuing the long runs (like I did the first time) will...
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    Good luck to you in the half, Aus. I ran the full down there in 04 (spent the entire race listening to the breaking news that ARod had been traded to the Yankees on Feb 14 -- the next Valentine's Day Massacre, or so they said -- I thought I was going to be sick for the first half of the race)...