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  1. Morning Woodhead

    2019 NFL Week 11 Game Thread

    He’s lucky Rudolph wasnt concussed or bleeding. Would have been out for at least the year.
  2. Morning Woodhead

    2019 Edelman Watch: Over & Under

    On Lombardi’s podcast last week, he said he was working to verify a WR on the trade block that would “shock people”. I think JE would qualify. Still seems unlikely......
  3. Morning Woodhead

    Offseason Thread - Betty when you call me, you can call me Al

    Is Capella a play in this sign and trade? Rockets want Butler.
  4. Morning Woodhead

    OBJ traded to Cleveland

    Landry and OBJ teaming up again. That’s a lot of money tied up in The WR position.
  5. Morning Woodhead

    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    According to AD and Klutch: What the Celtics did to IT disqualifies them. What the Clippers did to Griffin lands them in the final 4. Got it.
  6. Morning Woodhead

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    If they can get him on a fair deal, I like the depth that Dorsett provides.
  7. Morning Woodhead

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    There is a good chance this is ring #7 if Flores was calling plays last year.
  8. Morning Woodhead

    Kyrie speculation

    He seems to hate the media, and gets frustrated by the constant questions. If he forces his way to the Knicks, that’s only going to be worse in NYC.
  9. Morning Woodhead

    2018 NFL Transactions & News

    Since Murray is declaring for the draft and Kingsbury owns the #1 pick, I wonder if Rosen is available. I didn’t watch any Cardinals games this year, but his numbers sucked. Would he be worth a 2nd rd pick for a team that’s needs a QB? Would the Cards do it?
  10. Morning Woodhead

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    If Flores is going to Miami, I wonder if Schiano comes in.
  11. Morning Woodhead

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    Maybe Kitchens is the right guy, but most people had that Browns job as the most desirable. Surprised they ended up with Kitchens. I’m also surprised kingsbury was the only college coach hired. I thought owners and gm’s were ready to bring in more offensive minded college coaches.
  12. Morning Woodhead

    2019 Pats Draft

    Pats really nailed the comp picks. Two 3rds (and tons of cap space) for players they didn’t really miss this year. At this point, the only positions i don’t want to see them draft early are RB & OL. Pretty much everywhere else could use an upgrade.
  13. Morning Woodhead

    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    Wouldn’t going back to Miami be a safe landing spot. Arguably as much talent as Cleveland, and can attract free agents. I’m surprised we haven’t heard Miami as a destination.
  14. Morning Woodhead

    2018 Patriots Roster

    Jordan Richards is just awful. Always out of position. Roberts is only slightly better because he can occasionally stuff a run
  15. Morning Woodhead

    The Goat Thread: Week 14 at Miami

    Thuney. What the hell happened. The whole team can make up for it in Pitt.
  16. Morning Woodhead

    Gronk: one-game suspension

    I voted no. Last week 2 players had a fist fight and they got 1 game. This should be nothing. I would accept a 4 game suspension until the playoffs started too.
  17. Morning Woodhead

    SBLII: Patriots Injury News

    It sucks that the NFL never addresses the IR/ Roster spot issue. It's such a violent game, and it has the strictest IR rules. Should be unlimited spots with eligibility to return. Or have 4,8,12 week IR's. Anything is better than the current system.
  18. Morning Woodhead

    Hayward to Boston...Really, We Mean It

    What a time to be alive. Gonna really suck for them when Anthony Davis is playing somewhere else in 3 years and they try and unload that contract.