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    7/13/2024 - KCamp v. Math

    I wish we had a like button!
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    red sox preview/predictions

    I think we are due for reversion to the mean in terms of injury. Anecdotally, the team has over the last two seasons suffered unusually badly from time lost to injuries. It must get better, no? If we were chock a block with talent I would say “great, 92 wins!” but I’m concerned that we revert...
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    Trade Value in Current System

    Would Kutter Crawford (while perhaps “untouchable due to circumstance”) fall under the ‘fungible’ banner? I imagine he would have decent value to a small market team like the Brewers.
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    Offseason rumors

    I completely agree that this has been the problem and I suppose am thinking that the price of milk in the trading market has gone up. This could at least be a Bloom-like move to accumulate some potential upside talent on shortish terms while waiting for real-deal SP1/SP2 types to become...
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    Offseason rumors

    If Montgomery is no longer in play and Snell/Giolito look remote, can we please consider Frankie Montas on the Paxton 2 yr make-good recovery deal? Montas had shoulder issues but no rotator cuff problem, and was throwing 95+ in his late season return in 23. Was very recently an excellent...
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    8/27/2023 - MiLB & chill

    Just as well - give you some time to recover from the bee sting! Thanks for your hard work.
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    8/24/2023 - WooSox during the day, YORDANNY at night

    Even more so with your highly detailed and spirited roundup. Thanks again. As an aside does Yordanny give you vibes akin to any current or former ML pitchers?
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    8/18/2023 - 8 is Enough

    I also look forward every day to reading JM3’s high energy and creative “Keys to the Red Sox Minor League System”. Just as I always always looked forward to a very similar “Keys” many years ago (!).
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    Sox Rotation '22- The Good, The Pretty Good, The Not-Bad, the Pretty Bad and the Ugly

    Yes! This. I remember that game as a ‘Why can’t we get pitchers like that?’
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    7 Burning Questions

    1) Who is your primary 1st baseman? Franchy Cordero 2) Is James Paxton in the rotation, the bullpen or on the DL? DL 3) Assuming health, is Chris Sale performing better or worse than last season? Same. Unstoppable against weaker, and fallible against greater. 4) Which of these position...
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    I'm a Canadian who lives in the Cayman Islands and works as a lawyer in the financial services...

    I'm a Canadian who lives in the Cayman Islands and works as a lawyer in the financial services industry. I first became a Sox fan in '86 during the ALCS. I was smoking a cigarette on the balcony of my 19th floor apartment when Boone hit the home run in 2003. I watched 2004 from my living room in...