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  1. Puffy

    6/9: Sox with Holes vs. Sox with Holes

    Cooper has a HR against Flexen, so I bet we see him at 1B or DH.
  2. Puffy

    6/9: Sox with Holes vs. Sox with Holes

    Zack Kelly’s first major league start today. Looks like something of a bullpen game today, as the Red Sox gear up to head back to Boston for a stretch against the Phillies and Yankees. Bullpen game maybe makes sense here - I’d expect Kelly, Bernardino, and Slaten to see some action, while giving...
  3. Puffy

    Casas has a left rib fracture. Transferred to the 60 Day IL on 4/27.

    I wonder if Donovan Solano - who was picked up by the Padres last week - would have been a decent all-around fit. He just played his first AAA game, but can cover 1B, 2B, 3B, and has a decent enough bat for who he is (not much power, decent contact, will take a walk).
  4. Puffy

    4/16/24 - Sandman v. The Lover of Epstein?

    I was there and observed the same. Fell apart a little in the 5th after a HBP, but was in a groove after the rocky first. He walked a couple and hit a couple, but was generally pounding the zone with all kinds of junk. Changing speeds, had a half a dozen pitch types. I’m sure we will see him in...
  5. Puffy

    2024 Rotation and Bullpen

    There will have to be some roster shuffling soon (I see that Dalbec is already on his way to Boston). On the pitching side, they really only have Chase Anderson available in the bullpen, and perhaps Weissert given his short stint yesterday (edit: and Chris Martin). Given that tomorrow's game...
  6. Puffy

    March/April: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    This makes sense, given both the walking wounded on the bench, but also the fact they are facing 2 lefties in the next 3 days. Let's hope Dalbec can mash.
  7. Puffy

    2024 Rotation and Bullpen

    He also had thrown the day before (16 pitches), and represented Cora tapping into the more depleted portion of the bullpen. The back-to-back appearances might have impacted his performance, as well.
  8. Puffy

    Red Sox acquire Tyler Heineman

    I think so. I bet Perez is here to compete for a backup job in spring training. He may even have opt outs. If Perez can’t easily be stashed in Worcester for the year, Heineman fits because he can spend time in Worcester and ride the shuttle. And as you say, they can also always jettison him if...
  9. Puffy

    Red Sox acquire Tyler Heineman

    An obvious need was a defensively-plausible and optionable catcher on the 40-man. Catching depth in AA and AAA is significantly upgraded, which should help the pitchers in Worcester and Portland.
  10. Puffy

    Offseason rumors

    Wouldn’t Bader be a better route to take if they just want CF defense coupled with iffy hitting? Younger, far fewer strikeouts.
  11. Puffy

    Trade Deadline Approach

    I chose mostly stand pat, meaning that I think they should be active and opportunistic on the margins like they were in 2023, shedding any redundant pieces that do not have long-term role on the team, and shoring up areas of weakness for the stretch run that could provide depth in 2024.
  12. Puffy

    Trade Deadline Approach

    I agree with this. It seems like there is a need on the roster for a 3rd catcher with options. They are playing with fire with Wong. McGuire's imminent return will help a lot, but a AAA catcher who could plausibly appear in the majors and shuttle back/forth to Worcester would be helpful as a...
  13. Puffy

    What is the greatest need right now?

    I would trade Verdugo straight up for Ramon Laureano. That seems to be a much better fit for our roster and lineup.
  14. Puffy

    What is the greatest need right now?

    There are holes and weaknesses all around the roster and depth charts. I voted for OF because, after Kike, there's zero depth around CF or RF beyond rushing Ceddanne Rafaela. I like Refsnyder too, but I feel like he's going to end up being a lynchpin when he really should be a depth OF. With one...
  15. Puffy

    Gitter done, Theo: let's put all our dumb I mean brilliant trade suggestions in this thread

    One thing that I have not seen discussed as much with regards to our OF plans - including a potential DH job share - is our positional depth at CF. Though I know Reyfsnyder had some limited exposure there a bit last year, I'm not sure he's more than a spot reserve at that position. The depth...
  16. Puffy

    What does 2023 look like?

    I could see this as well. Bloom places weight on flexibility and there will surely be some concern about backing up and/or complementing Casas where a RH hitter with 1B abilities would be a good roster addition, eventually removing Hosmer from the roster. I could imagine adding 2 complementary...
  17. Puffy

    Red Sox in season discussion

    I suppose we might also view Casas as slightly more tradable this winter as well. If he were the linchpin to having Sean Murphy as our starting catcher for the next 3 years, for example. Bloom gets a view of our 1B/DH options this August and September and carries some leverage and chips into the...
  18. Puffy

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    I could see Dombrowski as the type of GM who could be sold on Eovaldi's postseason experience and bulldog reputation. Dombrowski also likes to carry players around with him from team to team. He's already signaled that they aren't ready to part with their top prospects for the top tier SPs...
  19. Puffy

    Might as well start talking about 2021

    It seems as though both Myers and Cronenworth are perhaps bound for the Cubs in the rumored Yu Darvish deal.
  20. Puffy

    Have you ever seen an MLB no-hitter in person? (If not, how close have you come?)

    I was also at the Hideo Nomo no-hitter in Baltimore. I was sitting with a bunch of O's fans and getting ribbed a bit for my Red Sox cap. This was, I think, a bit before Camden reached its peak of Red Sox fans a few years later, so while there were plenty of Sox fans, it was by no means a...