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  1. JimD

    For the next time someone cries poverty on behalf of our billionaires

    Is it Festivus already?
  2. JimD

    Red Sox draft D'Angelo Ortiz

    You probably don't want to know that Prince's son Jadyn will be 20 next month.
  3. JimD

    We're at the ASB, where are you with the 2024 Boston Red Sox?

    I voted 86-89 wins in the preseason poll, so yeah, All In. I was hopeful for a bounceback year, based on Bailey/Breslow's impact on the pitching staff and Cora's contract year. Years like this where nobody expects anything from your favorite team and they go on outperform those expectations...
  4. JimD

    Duran wins ASG MVP

    Different contract situations and all, I know, but imagine if CB had traded Duran to the MFY's instead of Verdugo.
  5. JimD

    Red Sox draft D'Angelo Ortiz

    He will absolutely need to prove his worth to climb the ladder to the high minors, never mind to earn a roster spot on the MLB team. I can't see some P.R. stunt to put Lil' Papi on the team given the realities of managing the 40-man roster.
  6. JimD

    Red Sox select Braden Montgomery in first round of 2024 draft.

    Very excited to have Montgomery drop to us. I know we all dream on prospects and many don't pan out, but man, if they do ... this 2021 to 2024 period could be the nucleus of a team that could legitimately batte for division supremacy and be a serious title contender.
  7. JimD

    Who's Next if Cora Leaves?

    I'd be OK with Cora returning, but I'd also be OK if Breslow can find the next Kevin Cash.
  8. JimD

    July: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    I'd take our chances in a short series. These Sox seem to thrive when everyone doubts them.
  9. JimD

    July: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    It's almost like Chaim Bloom knew what he was doing.
  10. JimD

    July: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    Sunday night games suck a lot less when the Red Sox win in a crisp 2:23.
  11. JimD

    The glut of Middle Infielders: who do you keep and who goes and what could they bring in return?

    If we had Chris Sale right now, there would be a spirited discussion on this board about which frontline starter Breslow should be going after to take Sale's spot when he inevitably goes down in August or September.
  12. JimD

    Red Sox hire outside consulting firm to audit organization

    I don't get this reaction. Nobody forced any news of this story on you, you literally had to search for it (or click on this thread).
  13. JimD

    The Fenway Park Experience

    This. I get the frustrations about the poor state of MBTA services these days, but the Fenway/Kenmore Square area is just not suited for large inflows and outflows of automobile traffic. Part of the experience of seeing a game is crowding onto a Green Line train at Park Street, climbing the...
  14. JimD

    Wrexham? I hardly know him.

    Robert Irsay moving his team out of Baltimore in the middle of the night and taking the Colts name and history with him remains the U.S. nadir of these types of franchise moves. I know there are many other examples of teams moving and keeping the nickname in the new city, but taking the Colts...
  15. JimD

    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    I'm sure MLB will investigate this matter thoroughly, if for no other reason than to cover themselves by ensuring that they aren't duped by any of the parties involved and risking having a later s***show ensue that makes Manfred & Co. look like idiots. Assuming that Ohtani was in fact not an...
  16. JimD

    Yoshinobu Yamamoto signs with Dodgers for 12 years, 325M

    He'll be fine once he unleashes his gyroball.
  17. JimD

    2024 Red Sox Spring Training

    That is the fun part, isn't it? So many 'can't miss' studs flame out across MiLB while less-heralded prospects grow to become solid major-league regulars. I know we can never count on that, but it's a big reason that I refuse to join the doom-and-gloom parade who this offseason have been...
  18. JimD

    2024 DSL Red Sox

    Fantastic work by Jen and The Athletic. It's really great to see that our Sox are running a class operation in the D.R. Money well spent in not only a baseball sense but also in improving lives.
  19. JimD

    A Reunion: Brissett back in New England. 1 year, $8 million

    Nice, boring, no-nonsense move - love it. If Bill had done this a year ago, he'd probably still be here.