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  1. redsoxstiff

    Pine tar & Pitches or Pitchforks & torches: The John Farrell Poll

    When I read about/heard about the Price waylaying of 60ish Eck ,a HOFer over some comments made by Eck and the silence of the team(?) I was livid and it still rots... Farrell coolly stepped over the incident when questioned with ."we,re professionals ".put Price and the team lesded(?) Pedey...
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    The Kids Are Clutch, The Future Is Very Bright (we're gonna be okay)

    JCOAStick.Price is a cancer.It is made worse because he is a great pitcher...Must go. Pedey as tough as he is ,should go... Bogaerts has faded. Bradley can,t be carried by a team of Punch and Judy players... Sale as a late season beast ...ain't, The mgr has lost the club if he ever had it...
  3. redsoxstiff

    Farrell or . . . . ? You tell us!

    JASON. Pedey,Bradley,Bogaerts,Price must be weeded out.
  4. redsoxstiff

    2017 Celtics Offseason: News and General Discussion

    Well,hanyways Dave Cowens was 6'9" but was a god almighty leaping athlete.find the best at 6'9" or better but possibly a player that has a upside of more value than a bigger big. I do love what I see now...
  5. redsoxstiff

    Kyrie Irving traded to Celtics for IT, Crowder, Zizic, BKN 1st, 2020 2nd

    I read of a grown man ,a so called educated man who believes the earth is flat...The trump bump pulls out of the Paris Accord.The concept of Global Warming has relatively science shallow people able to live comfortably incapable ,unwilling to come to grips with a problem that will end life for...
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    All Time Great Red Sox Plays

    JBJr..Absolutely ,fuggggginnn rediculous...Best ever!!!!
  7. redsoxstiff

    Celtics sign Aron Baynes

    I'm very happy that we're out of the shrubbery and into the trees. I' m somewhat concerned that Gerschon will have a proper platform toDevelop.
  8. redsoxstiff

    Hayward to Boston...Really, We Mean It

    How deep does the burn go for a championship in Hayward? I guess deep enough to come here. I sent my crystal balls out for resurfacing, So I'll just guess...
  9. redsoxstiff

    Big Papi not a Fan of Valentine's Day (or Month or Year)

    Can we say boo boo boo to Little and Bobby Poo ? Bye bye and poo poo to you Bobby poo. Jesus Christ on a stick...
  10. redsoxstiff

    David Price Done With Boston Media

    If the fans here are spoiled brats , the press and most media are narcissistic twits ,above their station and pay scale. The press are mostly trash and in at least one case should wear diapers...the one and ,hopefully ,only Jerry callahan... I am sure that most thankfully not all would be...
  11. redsoxstiff

    David Price Done With Boston Media

    in brief , I expect that what ever has driven Price to to the level he performed at and the time and the savvy he put into the skills honed will return him to the excellence achieved before the"Boston fiasco"
  12. redsoxstiff

    David Price Done With Boston Media

    All you should demand from sports or any reporter for that matter is the unvarnished facts in a reasonable environment. The reported has the right to proffer his opinion pro or con.. Much too common sad to say... Emotion laden comments, bias, axes to grind etc. should turn readers away in...
  13. redsoxstiff

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Sorry I didn't get back quickly enough
  14. redsoxstiff

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Sacramento may want to cut a deal with us thus the interest...
  15. redsoxstiff

    Jerry Remy: Players should 'learn baseball language'

    A major,even critical problem facing us all...A foreign speaker who can manage English o.k. Might not feel confident enough to participate in an important conversation... This could apply to anyone in any language. There are billions of misunderstandings occurring all the time...I am a first...
  16. redsoxstiff

    Jerry Remy: Players should 'learn baseball language'

    There was a time when sports announcers allowed a lather of blessed silence as the games unfolded...You can't go home again...when I hear...the line up is being brought to you by your local fecal dealer my scrotum withdraws within my guts... After Ned Martin I can't abide by the baseball...
  17. redsoxstiff

    The Craig Kimbrel Thread

    Ryne it was...
  18. redsoxstiff

    Red Sox Hall of Fame member Jimmy Piersall dead at 87.

    RIP...Great cf.Greatly troubled... The movie is worth a take...Fear Strikes Out.
  19. redsoxstiff

    The Craig Kimbrel Thread

    Gossage wore very thick eyeglasses,when he took the mound he would slowly and meticulously clean the lenses and generally threw the first warmup pitch that would hit the screen about 10 feet up .As he grew mucho hard the on deck batter was very relaxed at that point...