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  1. modifydbear

    Farrell out

    Pure speculation obviously, but Gardenhire might be the short-term manager scenario that allows Varitek to get a couple years in as bench coach/pitcher whisperer before being promoted. With Cora or Ausmus I assume the hope would be for longer-term success.
  2. modifydbear

    2015 All Star Game Rosters

    With Bogaerts pretty certain to get in, I'm thinking Clay just misses the cut -- but he's likely the first to get added when another pitcher inevitably drops out.   I'm assuming Sale, Price, Keuchel, Gray, Felix, Archer and Gallardo are in, plus some mix of RPs (Britton/Perkins/Betances?), and...
  3. modifydbear

    Name the new Hartford minor league team!

      I LOLed.   "Goatse the Yard Goat" sounds like such an innocuous mascot name when you say it out loud...
  4. modifydbear

    Annual complaining about the All Star vote: 2014 edition

    No Chris Sale seems weird...
  5. modifydbear

    Peter Gammons' Tweeterverse

      Second tweet is a response to the first.
  6. modifydbear

    Tony La Russa Retires

    Larry King on Twitter: ...your guess is as good as mine.
  7. modifydbear

    Peter Gammons' Tweeterverse

    Well then it's settled