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  1. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    Roasted GOAT

    For those of us who missed it...what was the story?
  2. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    3/29/24 - Red Sox at Mariners

    I'm in Seattle - that'd be fun!
  3. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    Not our Star Blazer: Yamamoto signs with the Dodgers for $325 million, 12 years

    Last row seat. Definitely not signing with whoever’s plane that is.
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    Ohtani Watch

    I generally agree with this. The Jays are a fun team. And, it's fun to have big ticket signings on unexpected teams.
  5. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    Ohtani Watch

    He’s just really polite and doesn’t want to dump the Jays over the phone.
  6. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    Juan Soto Is A Yankee (For 2024 Anyway)

    Thanks j.a. With four years remaining, that’s what I figured…
  7. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    Juan Soto Is A Yankee (For 2024 Anyway)

    Jon abbey, Crow and other yankee followers: do you think there is a realistic chance of the Yankees cutting Stanton? That is what Ben Clemons argues for in his Fangraphs write-up of the deal. I was wondering how much that possibility is being discussed in the NYY media/fan sphere.
  8. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    Craig Breslow: Red Sox CBO

    This is right. I’m excited by the hire, just like I’m excited about every shiny, toolsy prospect that hasn’t busted yet. I suspect that there is great overlap in how one reacts to this hire and how much one falls for each new prospect. For me it’s “This guy’s got 80-grade brains and seems to...
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    2023 Broncos: Payton’s Place

    Sending love to you and your dad, J-Man.
  10. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    2023 MLB Draft

    The slot bonus' only go through Round 10, right? Can the Sox still benefit from slot savings after Round 10? It does not appear that they took any prep splash picks after Round 3...
  11. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    August MLB News thread

    Completely agree with Kliq, and the relative discounts Atlanta has been able to get its young stars to sign onto is remarkable. I live in Seattle, and Julio has created a lot of excitement for a city and fan-base that is absolutely ready to latch onto the Mariners, but has not been given too...
  12. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    Does shedding JBJ’s salary get the Sox under the tax threshold? (Assuming that once he’s off the 40-man what they are paying him no longer counts towards the tax.) I think this is widely known, but don’t believe I saw it mentioned upthread - MLB got rid of the waiver trade deadline a few years...
  13. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    2022 Seahawks: Should we trust PC/JS anymore???

    @DanooME - how would you feel about them taking Malik in Round 2? Excited? Or does it feel a year early for any QB pick?
  14. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    99 Days of Free Agents on the wall…99 Days…

    Let’s post news, rumors, discussion here. 99 days’ worth packed into the next month!
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    New NFL TV Deal

    I'm not sure this is the right spot for this, but I did not want to pollute a more popular forum/thread (like the Week 1 NFL thread), and I thought this issue might be related to the new TV deal. I watched last night's Cowboys/Bucs game on NFL GamePass today, and it was still making me watch...
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    PTBNLs named in Benintendi/Cordero trade

    Kevin Millar used to be the most extreme example of this - he would get in a rut, and then significantly open up or close his stance and would go on a tear for a bit until the pitchers adjusted and he would get cold again. Then Millar would revert to the other (closed/open) stance and the cycle...
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    April Game Thread

    I love Mookie, but I was pulling for Bard on that one... it was hard watching Bard walk/hit those guys. Glad he pulled it together.
  18. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    Red Sox Rule 5 2020: Select RHP Garrett Whitlock in major league portion

    I was getting ready to post that the most memorable thing about Matt White was that he inherited a gravel pit from his aunt and became a billionaire... At least, that was what I remembered. Turns out, it wasn’t such a fairytale ending...
  19. DaubachmanTurnerOD

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.6 vs Broncos

    On the Edelman discussion, it looked to me like he was off the field on most third-downs. Was that true? (Or did I just happen to notice the few he was out?) My goat is Covid. And Cam, for too many back-foot throws. (Though the makeshift line didn’t give him much time...)