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  1. Red PR

    Benintendi back on the roster

    This is very good news, hoping for a quick recovery:wooper:
  2. Red PR

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Al Thanks for all your hard work in the page which takes a good amount of my "me" time and makes it a lot less dull (a lot!). Well, cant wait to check The Lefotvers page to banter bout last night's episode just wow
  3. Red PR

    2015 Dolphins: Fire the Lazor!

    Beat me to it,..   Tannehill since drafted (and that awkward first take interview) I sensed a whiff of douchebaggery, I was not on board with him, then he started progressing great. but now, his level of play and now this.. can I root for a guy like this?? What an absolute tool :colbert:
  4. Red PR

    2015 Dolphins: Fire the Lazor!

      He has more "experience" than before when pretty much Joe Philbin was the only guy who accepted the position but yes the coaching staff needs a total makeover. This I knew would come with Philbin at the helm. Steve Ross blunder looking for a HC while having Sparano on board has cost dearly as...
  5. Red PR

    2015 Dolphins: Fire the Lazor!

      Its just 1 game, small sample size but I do not like at all the way this team came out. Its a W great, but I feel Philbin is not maximizing the talent that is in this team (or previous years) I have said since year 1 , this man is not fit to be an NFL coach. I really hope I am wrong because id...
  6. Red PR

    Standalone Sunday Ticket?

    I am in London. Will I need a VPN to get sunday ticket?.. :gonk:
  7. Red PR

    Pacquiao vs. Mayweather 5/2: Better late than never!

    I'm in Mexico City and seems the fight here will be open viewing for all. With 2 channels carrying the fight. Odd a fight of this magnitude gets free viewing in such a big country.
  8. Red PR

    2015 Dolphins: Fire the Lazor!

    Id really like if they chose Gurley. If not trade down and go for depth.
  9. Red PR

    2015 Dolphins: Fire the Lazor!

      I agree, he wanted to play as LB and coaching staff stubbornly told him to rush the QB. This is why this team is 8-8 good players mediocre coaching. equals perennial 6-8 win team. I honestly cant wait till Philbin is fired. (Id also love a new owner to take over this team).   I have to have...
  10. Red PR

    Vazquez Placed On The 60 Day DL

    Hoping for the best, and if hes out please not for too much. Want to see Vazquez behind the plate as much as possible this year.
  11. Red PR

    Yoan Moncada signs with Red Sox($30 Million)

      Thank you for this
  12. Red PR

    Hanley Ramirez signs with Red Sox. 4 years/$88 million(5th year option could make it 5/$110 million

    Helping Score this acquisition and Panda as well is  Papi, very sure his influence, power and downright friendship helped seal these deals.
  13. Red PR

    2014 Miami Dolphins: Raw Doggin' It

    Thanks foe the updates Pdaj, This game will be a good one and its a Sunday full of great football games. May all enjoy
  14. Red PR

    Heck of a job, Pats social media team...

    Just saw this wth?... :colbert:
  15. Red PR

    Season on the Line: Dolphins vs Bills Preview

    Huge victory, biggest in a long time....Thanks for article S : )
  16. Red PR

    2014 Miami Dolphins: Raw Doggin' It

    Philbin has to be #1 accountable for the way this team is playing. He inspires no one. 
  17. Red PR

    2014 Miami Dolphins: Raw Doggin' It

      Hope the good news keeps up with this team, they do need it. Thanks for the updates 
  18. Red PR

    AJP gets exorcised and Christian Vazquez up. Starts tonight

    Really excited for CV going forward. It's been a while that a player from Puerto Rico, my native land (which has produced many great catchers), can have a great chance as a positional player for years to come.
  19. Red PR piece on Xander

    Fantastic piece, thank you for sharing. I played ball in Puerto Rico many years (little league) and I remember scouts coming in to check out talent but from what I recall only a few teams would send them.
  20. Red PR

    Schilling Diagnosed with Cancer

    Sad news yet he will fight tooth and nail against it. Get well Soon, G38