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  1. Skeptikal

    6/12 - Finals Game 3 @ DAL – Five Wear Green

    2 hand shove out of bounds is marginal contact now lol
  2. Skeptikal

    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    You are really embarrassing yourself with this dumb shit.
  3. Skeptikal

    4/29: Game 4@Miami

    SVG is a fucking idiot.
  4. Skeptikal

    Turning the page: the 2024 draft contest!

    Amegadjie, Kiran, OT, Yale Baker, Javon, WR, UCF Barner, AJ, TE, Michigan Fisher, Blake, OT, Notre Dame Harden, Myles, DB, South Dakota Johnson, Cornelius, WR, Michigan Lassiter, Kamari, DB, Georgia Maye, Drake, QB, North Carolina McCaffrey, Luke, WR, Rice McMillan, Jalen, WR, Washington Means...
  5. Skeptikal

    Mayo: Season 1

    Per Reiss: "Caley, the former longtime Patriots tight ends coach who interviewed for the team's offensive coordinator job in 2022, is viewed by some close to the process as well-positioned to ultimately lead the offense. " link
  6. Skeptikal

    Divisional Round Weekend

    That line judge has had a few terrible spots that all benefited the 49ers.
  7. Skeptikal

    Women’s World Cup ‘23 Game Thread (spoilers)

    How do you not put it on net and at least force the keeper to make the save?
  8. Skeptikal

    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

    This would be a blowout if White/Horford/Grant could hit some shots.
  9. Skeptikal

    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

    Jaylen just puts his head down with no plan of attack way too often.
  10. Skeptikal

    5/25 - Walking Dead

    Smart does some really stupid shit.
  11. Skeptikal

    The future is so's the 2023 Pats Draft Contest!

    Banks, Deonte, CB, Maryland Bell, Ronnie, WR, Michigan Brents, Julius, CB, Kansas State Freeland, Blake, OT, BYU Jones, Broderick, OT, Georgia Jones, Charlie, WR, Purdue Korsak, Adam, P, Rutgers Kraft, Tucker, TE, South Dakota State Martin, Jartavius, DB, Illinois Moody, Jake, K, Michigan...
  12. Skeptikal

    2023 NBA Playoffs

    Green is such a piece of shit.
  13. Skeptikal

    What are your best offers to Devers and Bogaerts?

    Xander: 5/140 Devers: 8/256
  14. Skeptikal

    Week 5 Gamethread

    It was, punting from the 20 with no rush vs the back of the end zone was the right choice.
  15. Skeptikal

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    I'd be happiest with one of Booth/Hill/Jones if they stay at 29. It looks like there should still be some interesting LB options available in the 2nd.
  16. Skeptikal

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    Nice trade, hoping Booth or McDuffie are still there at 29.
  17. Skeptikal

    The All-New 2022 Pats Draft Contest!

    Andersen, Troy LB Montana State Austin Jr, Kevin WR Notre Dame Booth Jr, Andrew CB Clemson Chenal, Leo LB Wisconsin Doubs, Romeo WR Nevada Elam, Kaiir CB Florida Gordon, Kyler CB Washington Harris, Christian LB Alabama Haskins, Hassan RB Michigan Hill, Daxton DB Michigan Jones, Travis DL...
  18. Skeptikal

    Patriots sign Texan CB Terrance Mitchell - 1 year 3 million.

  19. Skeptikal

    AFC and NFC Championship game thread

    I thought he was short live, I don't see how they can overturn this.