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  1. NomosRubber

    1975 World Series re-watch

    Not to wish away the greatest World Series game ever played or the historic catharsis of 2004, but I've always lamented how close the Sox were to closing out the Big Red Machine in four games . . . the second game rain delay was a momentum killer that I've always been convinced changed the...
  2. NomosRubber

    Gone Brady Gone

    In retrospect, it seems the Patriots made their decision a year ago, gave Tom an appreciation gift, and rewarded him with his choice of his future beyond the Patriots to either retire or move on. A couple of their personnel decisions that seemed un-Patriot-like (AB, Sanu, Flash Gordon) may have...
  3. NomosRubber

    Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

    Kelly and Sale finishing Price's gem with 6 Ks to put the foot on the throat in the last two innings. No chance of late inning heroics. Hearts of a champion.
  4. NomosRubber

    Warren Sapp arrested for soliciting a prostitute

      Can't wait to see the arraignment pix with Sapp in Sheriff Joe's pink pajamas.
  5. NomosRubber

    The half-time show

      That attire would have been great for the Super Bowl, except it would have demonstrated too much partiality toward the team everyone was rooting against.
  6. NomosRubber

    The half-time show

    My wife thought it was the best SB halftime shows she's seen.  Think I annoyed her at the start by pointing out that KP was singing "Eye of the Tiger" riding a lion.
  7. NomosRubber

    Warren Sapp arrested for soliciting a prostitute

    This is the guy at the top of my list of former players turned talking heads that needed to become unemployed.  Make it happen.
  8. NomosRubber

    BbtL/Patriots Nation Super Bowl Roll Call

    Arlington, VA.  Wife (originally of Butte, MT who, after 20 years, is a fan of all things and teams Boston).  New Belgium Portage Porter.  Crab dip with pita chips and pretzel chips.  Tacos for the game.  My wife will re-locate if I get too loud, which is inevitable.
  9. NomosRubber

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      And since they're not required to test the balls, they probably give them all the "feel" test and declare them acceptable.  Very possible to pass with 10.5-11 PSI inflation versus 12.5.  As others have said, little difference in play/feel in these balls.  The real effect on play is miniscule. ...
  10. NomosRubber

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Mike Adams will likely be invited and singled out for his role in bringing this miscarriage of justice to the nation's attention.
  11. NomosRubber

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Neil deserves some love, even if it'll be awhile before the evidence destruction signaling the end of the investigation.  I'm on the controversy side where any publicity is good publicity for the league.  The public outrage will last a day or two; the voices of the experts dismissing any...
  12. NomosRubber

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Pretty sure every Colts player grabbed the Pats balls (pun intended) once they slapped or pulled it from a Patriots player after the whistle to end every play.  Lots of players besides the refs could have observed this.  Apparently none of them, none of the refs, and only one player made a...
  13. NomosRubber

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      It's been WWE for a long time - unless we're talking about Panda publicity.
  14. NomosRubber

    Broncos fire coaching staff: Nothing beats that new coach smell

    I imagine it's easy if you speak in the third person a lot.
  15. NomosRubber

    The Game Ball Thread: HOLY SHIT ZOMBIE PATS

    I think Collins makes that pick if not for uncalled OPI on that play as well.  There was a lot of hand grabbing and arm bars that went uncalled in this game such that the call on Revis should not have been made.  But Revis was a little more egregious, IMO.  LaFell had to make an outstanding...
  16. NomosRubber

    Lester to Cubs: Rent Garments Thread

      The deal didn't get done after the end of the season because the Sox management didn't think Lester was worth $24M per since they set their ceiling at 6/$135M.  Why would you think it was ever going to be done at 5/$120M?  They simply did not assign him that value and surely wouidn't before he...
  17. NomosRubber

    Sox acquire Wade Miley for De La Rosa, Webster, and minor leaguer

    Any chance that Miley's reference to "gluten-free" is code-speak for "low carb"?  Fit's better with a lean 'n' mean organizational persona.
  18. NomosRubber

    RedSox acquire RHP Zeke Spruill from Arizona for minor league RHP Myles Smith.

    The Inn @ Pawtucket already looks full (Barnes/Owens/Rodriguez/Ranaudo/Wright).  Additional moves in the works?
  19. NomosRubber

    Red Sox meet with James Shields, but really what they want to do is discuss opt-outs with Max Scherz

    Plus Masterson can eat the innings; Kelly's not built up to it yet, as has been noted.