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  1. Sampo Gida

    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    I guess MLB had a heads up a National Emergency would be declared. Do players take out insurance for such an event? It seems a goid agent would recommend that In any case, based on the numbers its really older people most at risk. If you are under 60 its more like the flu. Nothing like 1918...
  2. Sampo Gida

    (When) Will the Season Start?

    Looking at areas most affected globally, it seems the virus likes the colder weather. A chinese study reported the optimum temperature for transmission was 8 deg C ( 46 deg F) with decreasing transmission at higher temperatures. Just play the games down south and let northern teams be the home...
  3. Sampo Gida

    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    Not really , seeing as they didnt give up all that much and really only have a 1 yr commitment. Also, he is a pretty good player without 2018. He doesn't need to cheat to be good, but as we saw with Bonds, cheating can make you much better. However, I do think other teams will want a better...
  4. Sampo Gida

    Only God Can Judge Judge

    Mysterious Rib injury turns out to be fracture. The Curse of Jacoby Ellsbury by any chance? Come to think of it there have been an awful lot of injuries since he last played a game.
  5. Sampo Gida

    Mookie Betts 2020 FA Watch

    Mookie had 1 year worthy of 420 million IMO. That was 2018, a truly great offensive year. Not that he wasn't a very good offensive player in other years, just not to the level I would commit to that money. Defensively he is great, but we know that can and will decline over a 10 -12 year...
  6. Sampo Gida

    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    Awful news. Not really unexpected though. I was sort of suspicious about pneumonia in January causing him to miss opening day Oh well, if he needs TJS maybe that wont be the worst thing if he can get back to form for the remainder of the contract. Maybe they cancel the season due to COVID-19...
  7. Sampo Gida

    Chris Sale to IL with elbow inflammation

    The absence of information is probably the most telling. I would guess a partial UCL tear much like Tanaka experienced a few years ago. PCP and shut down allows recovery without TJS, but keep in mind scar tissue is not as strong or durable as healthy tissue Not a Doc. Maybe its something else...
  8. Sampo Gida

    2019 from this point on

    Never really doubted we would not grab a WC spot. Now it looks like thats not happening. Of course, still some baseball to play, but its not looking good. If it doesn't happen its on the pitching. DD and ownership get some blame (not much) and if managers get credit for winning they have to...
  9. Sampo Gida

    Half million in loot stolen from A-Rod’s car in San Francisco

    Someone whose net worth approaches 500 million. Thats only 1/1000. Kind of like thr average Joe leaving 100 -500 bucks worth of stuff in his car. Plus A-rod likely has better insurance
  10. Sampo Gida

    Chronic Inability to Throw Strikes

    Unless a walk precedes the long drive. OBP is far more valuable (hurtful) when HR’s come in bunches. In the relative deadball era of 2010-2015 walks didn't hurt as much. In the superball era (esp 2019) walks are deadly.
  11. Sampo Gida

    Another Surgery for Pedey

    I wish Pedey the best but dont expect anything from him down the road. Whether the surgery is comeback related or just quality of life improvement is not clear.
  12. Sampo Gida

    Hangover Seasons

    I don't consider 2005 and 2008 hangover seasons 2014 was basically regression. In 2013 you had almost every player playing better than projected. I believe their BABIP has highest in AL in 80 years. Just came down to earth I cant comment on stuff a century or more ago. 2019 to me seems more...
  13. Sampo Gida

    2019 from this point on

    When you have committed 240 million in payroll, and are 1 year closer to potentially losing JDM, Betts, E-Rod and JBJ you go for broke the rest of the way. Its not like opportunities for significant signings are expected from here on out. Just run them out there everyday to win or lose. The...
  14. Sampo Gida

    2019 Trade Deadline

    The Yankees not making a move is the big shocker. Red Sox actually gained ground doing nothing with them standing pat. Yankees had a bigger hole to fill IMO. Their offense may carry them during the regular season but that rotation is probably not going to take them far in the playoffs. Of...
  15. Sampo Gida

    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    4-3 against the cup cakes of the AL East. Not what you want but not the end of the world. Its easy to forget they have played at a 96 game pace since the poor start but the front runners are playing against plenty of cup cakes as well so its hard to make up ground unless you do well in H2H...
  16. Sampo Gida

    Red Sox Acquire Andrew Cashner

    He does have some nice box score stats of late. Maybe it continues. If so, nice. If not, regression can be painful. Hopefully DD not done. Castro might be had cheap. Awful season but a change of scenery could turn that around. Would still like an established closer but guess DD going with...
  17. Sampo Gida

    Nathan Eovaldi to close

    Mixed feelings. Its hard to know how guys perform in this role until they do it. I’d like to see him work his way into the spot starting with lower lev situations. The announcement could be to give them more leverage in negotiations for a proven closer. I hope so.
  18. Sampo Gida

    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    Aside from adding an elite BP arm I dont think DD could have done anymore. JDM, Betts and Sale all have had significant fall offs from last year. Some others have underperformed. XB has been great. Price has done well. Maybe Cora deserves some of the blame for the slow start but its July and...
  19. Sampo Gida

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    35-7 when taking a lead into the 8th. 90-4 last year. Thats about 5 extra losses at this point this year. 49-35 and we would be much happier and ahead in the WC race at least
  20. Sampo Gida

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    Excluding Sundays game (data not in) the Red Sox bullpen in June is 5th in ERA , 3rd in FIP and 4th in WPA( AL teams only) The ball has made a lot of bullpens and rotations look bad. Still, another good /elite BP arm will help. DD is on it per mlbtr