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    MLB to institute 8-10 random checks/game for foreign substances

    The Olney tweets above suggest these checks will occur at the end of inning or as a pitcher leaves the game (so it won't affect the pace of play). So if the umps find a pitcher using a foreign substance, what will they do? What's the punishment since the damage/cheating had already been done?
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    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    To quote the article: “Barnes has faced 72 batters this season, and nearly 65 percent of them have come from the heart of the order. He has faced the No. 3 hitter 11 times, the cleanup man 14 times, the fifth spot 10 times, and the sixth spot 11 times. He has only drawn the No. 9 and leadoff...
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    MLB/MLBPA discussing '19/'20 rule changes: Universal DH/no sept callups/3 batter rule

    How about not allowing a mid-inning relief pitcher to warm up on the mound? They can get loose in the bullpen. Yes, I recognize that mounds get uniquely worn during the game, but I see this as a feature. The manager would need to determine whether the freshness of the new pitcher would be worth...
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    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    Yep. A buddy of mine did an analysis which he summarized in the NYT. Summary of the summary: Umps make errors on about 14% of non-swinging pitches, with a slight bias toward the home team. They also are more likely to make mistakes in 3-0 and 0-2 counts and in late game situations. To your...
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    Which Division Favorite Will Lose?

    One more preseason favorite drops. One more to go. Go Rockies.
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    Which Division Favorite Will Lose?

    It's interesting to revisit this thread. Heading into the last month, the collective wisdom was only half correct: Cleveland will easily win their division. And Houston and Chicago are leading, but only 3.5 to 4 games up with good wild-card teams trying to overtake them. (I won't mention the...
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    Ask Us Anything

    On the most recent Joe Posnanski podcast, they dropped in a drive-by comment (and I’m paraphrasing), “Fenway Park has now become a pure pitchers park. It suppresses offense. This is one of the reasons why the Red Sox hitting is so down this year – all their numbers are better on the road.” They...
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    Oakland A's call up pitcher Pat Venditte

    He has to pick one side for each batter, then the batter gets to choose.  I believe this rule was made because there was a long (and somewhat comedic) standoff in the minor leagues between Venditte and a switch hitter.   2015 Official Baseball Rule 5.07(f) (formerly 2014 OBR 8.01(f)):   A...
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    My mother, who has been a die-hard 'Skins fan for 30 years, believes this too.  But her solution was to change the mascot to a small, pink potato and keep the name Redskins.