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  1. sodenj5

    2024 Dolphins: Making Waves

    A tiny bit of a gut punch. Barrett was really a half year rental until Phillips and Chubb come back from injury. Chop Robinson and Mo Kamara are going to be getting a lot of snaps early in the year. Would imagine they looks to pick someone up now. Old friend Ogbah is still out there as a free...
  2. sodenj5

    Where will Braden Montgomery land in Red Sox Top Prospects?

    I think in baseball, the strategy should always be take the best player available, and it looks like the Sox agree. Don’t overthink it or draft for “need” especially at pitcher, because so many of these guys don’t make it to the majors or get hurt along the way. Stack the system as much as...
  3. sodenj5

    Offensive depth chart -- down in the trenches

    Th This is accurate. Eichenberg has been moved around to basically every position, including center last year, and hasn’t looked like anything other than a bad player at every position.
  4. sodenj5

    Marcelo Mayer, 2021 1-4

    I feel like defense is one of the things I’m absolutely not concerned with from Mayer. Every report out of high school had him as a naturally gifted defensive player. Maybe a small rough patch for him, but his progress with the bat>>>>his defensive hiccup.
  5. sodenj5

    2024 Dolphins: Making Waves

    Miami’s receiving room is ridiculously stacked right now. I think everyone sort of forgets that Waddle battled injuries all year last year, from the start of training camp, and Tyreek battled a high ankle sprain the last few weeks. I don’t want to say, this offense is going to be insane...
  6. sodenj5

    What is next for BB?

    I watched the McAfee broadcast last night and truly thought Bill was great. He’s such a natural straight man foil to their goofball antics anyways. Liked seeing his breakdowns and liked that he was critical in his film evals too. I’m sure he wants to coach again, but between this and the...
  7. sodenj5

    R1/3: Drake Maye QB UNC

    Congrats to everyone here. The two comps you’re probably going to see and hear for the next decade are Justin Herbert and Josh Allen. He has that kind of upside. Maybe more of a project than Herbert, but less of a project than Allen. I would have taken Maye over Daniels, simply due to age...
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    Tom Brady is retired

    Tom Brady isn’t opposed to the idea of keeping his name in the headlines.
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    The TrevorEnding Story: needs shoulder surgery, out for the year (4/9 update)

    No way he isn’t missing some significant time with what looked like a pretty clear dislocation. I would imagine the bigger issue moving forward is it cropping up again similar to guys like Tatis, who tried playing through his shoulder issue, and ultimately having surgery to fix it.
  10. sodenj5

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I said in my comment that I was out of DMs and anyone interested had to DM me their email and I would pay the $15. I got a bunch that just asked me if I was still interested, which I couldn’t reply to, and finally someone sent me one with their email address. I emailed them to make sure it was...
  11. sodenj5

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I ended up getting one for $15 because I ran out of DMs and no one was biting on a $10 offer. Bumped it to $15 and had about 10 messages in half an hour. Either way, still a steal.
  12. sodenj5

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I get two DMs every 6 hours to try and orchestrate an anonymous internet trade? Sheesh.
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Soooo, do you just go into the comments section on SD and ask for a code like a savage or is there an actual posting?
  14. sodenj5

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    So for clarity, the codes don’t require using a T-Mobile app or device, it’s just enter the code you get off slickdeals, and you use it like you would otherwise normally use MLB TV?
  15. sodenj5

    dirtynine's Digest - The Thread for Kits

    Last night was the first time seeing the new USMNT kits. I’d give them a solid B, a massive upgrade from the previous kits, which were maybe the worst ones in USMNT history. Glad they went back to something cleaner, and this is the closest we’ve come to bringing back the bomb pop kit.
  16. sodenj5

    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    I think it’s entirely possible that Shoei didn’t understand that paying his translator’s debt was illegal. Draftkings ads are everywhere. Players are allowed to gamble, just not on baseball. His biggest issue is that Shoei has no way of proving that his translator wasn’t placing bets for him...
  17. sodenj5

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    So I’m thinking about subscribing to MLB TV for the first time in a while. Figured while I’ll be up at nights doing some class work, it would be cool to have the games on in the background. Literally what baseball is perfect for. I did a little price shopping and it looks to me like MLB with a...
  18. sodenj5

    Macksonville: Mac Traded to Jaguars

    Lawrence’s arc is interesting. If he wasn’t hyped as a QB savant since high school, most of us would probably look at his career for exactly what it is. He’s a perfectly good, above average NFL starter, with the upside to be a top 10, maybe top 5 guy. Instead, his career is looked at largely...
  19. sodenj5

    Macksonville: Mac Traded to Jaguars

    Maybe that’s Starter Mac. Backup Mac might be chill.
  20. sodenj5

    Macksonville: Mac Traded to Jaguars

    The responsibility of the backup QB is helping the starter prep for the week, being a good dude in the locker room, and being capable of winning a game or two if called upon. By all accounts, Mac was pretty cool with his role at Alabama. If his options are make a few mill per year for the next...