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  1. fairlee76

    NBA Finals Tickets

    Just want to say a huge thank you to @tonyandpals for working with me to get tickets to last Friday's game in Dallas. It was a pleasure and I hope you don't mind if I bug you again next spring! Game did not turn out as we had hoped but it was a great weekend - caught the game with a friend from...
  2. fairlee76

    How will Celtics/Mavs Series Finish?

    And I am selfishly hoping they win when I am in the house for Game 4. Was there for Game 6 in 2008 so it only feels fitting. Hope you're listening, basketball gods!
  3. fairlee76

    Kyrie went 5-16 in getting eliminated and we have schadenfreude.

    Haha I do love that he called out the Garden crowd for not being very loud. Good recipe going into a Sunday night game.
  4. fairlee76

    National Celtics discourse

    As a pretty casual fan of anyone besides the Celtics, but as someone who watched probably ten Wolves games this season, I think you are absolutely right on the bolded. Their halfcourt offense was their major question mark heading into the postseason and it, combined with the Mavs executing their...
  5. fairlee76

    National Celtics discourse

    Haha. Good analysis from IT - "I love Kyrie tho" is pretty heady stuff. IT sounds like that stoner friend who, when pressed on anything, basically says "you know, maaaaan...." and then just trails off. If you guys want a redirect, I just started this book and it is super fun so far: View...
  6. fairlee76

    Kyrie went 5-16 in getting eliminated and we have schadenfreude.

    "I've dealt with a lot of naysayers and chaos around my name that is untrue" is classic Irving. Everything is someone else's fault; no criticism is warranted based on his words and actions. I am so excited to root against him in this series. Going forward, I am definitely morbidly curious about...
  7. fairlee76

    Western Conference Finals: Minnesota Timberwolves (3) vs Dallas Mavericks (5)

    Should be easy once you time-travel back to March!
  8. fairlee76

    NBA Finals Tickets

    That is odd - ticketmaster has games 5 and 7 in Minneapolis available but a message to the effect of "on sale date and time are TBD" for game 6 in Dallas. Thanks for offering this and I will definitely check back in once the Finals are set.
  9. fairlee76

    NBA Finals Tickets

    Does this offer apply to Game 4 in Dallas as well? A few of us Celtics fans are convening there for the weekend given easier travel logistics.
  10. fairlee76

    How Do You Want The WCF to End?

    I want Dallas to win, dragging it out another game or two if possible. A buddy from grade school and I are meeting in Dallas for game 4. As he said over the weekend "well, worst-case, we're watching the Celtics play the Timberwolves from a brewery in Dallas." I prefer the best case.
  11. fairlee76

    RIP Bill Walton

    A major role model for us all in this regard. RIP, Bill and let's all do something we love today in his honor.
  12. fairlee76

    Bill Simmons Show Yourself

    Bill mentioned being on the "Celtics internet" while discussing Tatum and Ant with his cohosts. One of his cohosts chimed in with "well you might as well be on QAnon, then!" and it was pretty hilarious.
  13. fairlee76

    Western Conference Finals: Minnesota Timberwolves (3) vs Dallas Mavericks (5)

    The "Ant is reminiscent of MJ!" narrative was so dumb, outside of brief flashes every few games. Had to have mostly been propagated by talking heads who were not old enough to watch Jordan at the same age. I was only 10 but I pretty clearly remember him willing a supporting cast of Woolridge...
  14. fairlee76

    The Bill Simmons Thread

    The "you might as well be on QAnon, then!" quip made me laugh out loud. QAnon, but smarter and evaluating things that actually exist/can be witnessed. Random story, but on Tatum being "cool," I had an awesome interaction with a high school classmate of his (or so she said) a few years ago at a...
  15. fairlee76

    Round 3: Celtics vs Pacers

    I am jealous of those prices, though. Getting analogue seat for $275 on StubHub would make for a great Tuesday walk from the old office in the JFK Building.
  16. fairlee76

    5/15 - G5 vs. CLE - Gentleman's Sweep

    Yes. That was the only must-watch studio crew for me in the last decade or so. Unwatchable with the addition of Draymond.
  17. fairlee76

    Denver Nuggets (2) vs Minnesota Timberwolves (3) - 2024 WC Second Round

    Well, at least he’s not good at vehicular homicide, DUI, and betting on himself like his three knucklehead brothers, I guess? Count me as those who will likely have to eat crow about the Nuggets. Have never seen Murray and Jokic look this sped-up/off. Minnesota’s activity on defense is a joy to...
  18. fairlee76

    Round 2: Celtics vs Cavs

    It it is any consolation, it is the same here in Denver, which I love. Gotta save up for a dream Finals match-up! Add me to the chorus of those saying Celtics in 5 games against the Cavs.
  19. fairlee76

    Celtics vs Da Culture - Round 1 (FIGHT!)

    Channeling his inner Larry Legend, perhaps? It was super weird in real time. View: