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  1. 5dice

    Marcelo Mayer, 2021 1-4

    The range of opinions on MM are so varied right now, it’s really challenging to get a read on what is good, what is bad, what is improving, what is lagging where it should be across everything from swing mechanics to fielding range and positioning. Is 60 pa’s this year enough of a sample size...
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    A Dream of 2025, What is Going Right and Looks like the Sox can Build On

    It’s a total 57 at bats against lefties. That microscopic sample size of 5 xbh in 57 at bats vs lefties is pretty normal if you want to dice up small sample sizes. Also, as for K rate, what was your expectation? At 19.1% he is right in the middle of the road for the top 20 qualified AA OPS...
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    A Dream of 2025, What is Going Right and Looks like the Sox can Build On

    Not overwhelming the competition? Mayer sits at .306/.372/.476/.848. Those Eastern League ranks are good for #1/#9/#5/#6 as a 21 year old. Also, as for counting stats (testifying to his health which was rightfully questioned coming into the year), across a ton (300) of plate appearances...
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    2024 Bruins Off Season News - Everyone Else But the Center

    You could say they are building for Florida the same way the Sixers or Knicks are building for the Celtics or TWolves were built to stop Denver. It’s going to be hard to defend the actions of Zadorov playing on the edge—in his highlight reel, the other team goes nuts reacting to him over half...
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    2024 Bruins Off Season News - Everyone Else But the Center

    I believe Lysell will be a big part of next year’s forward calculus. Maybe even riding with fellow countryman and potential mentor Lindholm.
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    R1/3: Drake Maye QB UNC

    Can’t wait for another season of your takes.
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    Game 2 - Seek and Destroy

    One mistake, yes, captain obvious. But did you notice him go 5-2 on faceoffs in a postseason where the Bruins absolutely suck at faceoffs? Did you see him provide 9 hits, more than anyone on either team and more than hitters Maroon and Frederic combined? Brown out for Boquist is not as...
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    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    That and the move to being heavier/tougher in this series vs faster in the TOR series. Boquist is 184 pounds, Brown at 214. Same goes for Forbort at 216 vs Gryz 180 or Shattenkirk 203 but not that tough.
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    Round 1 Bruins-Leafs

    Great. Looking forward to your positive vibes in the next round!
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    Round 1 Bruins-Leafs

    Swayman had a monkey on his back? Really?
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    R3/68 Caedan Wallace OT PSU

    Isn’t the prevailing wisdom that someone will be drafted with a likely high pick next year? There was nobody close to close value at either draft spot and while its easy to say they could have traded up for the BYU Sumataia guy (that seemed even more upsetting to people that he went to KC), he...
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    2024 NFL Draft 2nd and 3rd round gamethread: Baruch atah Adonai WITH SPOILERS

    Discounting for Maye as that one could be perceived as “swinging at titles” lol
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    2024 NFL Draft 2nd and 3rd round gamethread: Baruch atah Adonai WITH SPOILERS

    Swinging for titles? It’s two picks deep at this point. How can you make a sweeping statement like that about job preservation based on two picks? Holy hell this thread is miserable. Glad you joined so you could post that informed opinion.
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    Round 1 Bruins-Leafs

    So what do the other 9 NHL buildings with NBA teams do better than the Bruins? Why would the owners of the building who also own the Bruins (and not the Celtics) purposely make the ice worse? Let me guess, Jacobs is cheap angle? Goes well with Sweeney can’t draft in 2015 and Monty is a...
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    Round 1 Bruins-Leafs

    This team was supposed to suck this year. If we can re-litigate 2015 yet again, how about we go back to September 2023 and read what the entire NHL and local media were predicting in the wake of losing Bergeron, Krecji, and the deadline rental guys from last year.l? No cap room, going to be a...
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    Round 1, Game 1 -- Toronto @ Boston

    This is exactly right and what will indeed happen, game 1 lovefest for Sway’s great play aside. No one was even sure he would start yesterday.
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    Dugger WITH AN E is back With the Pats (4 years 58M)

    Not only does he know the system better than most, he wears the dot, calling and adjusting all plays. Who would be another candidate to wear that hat?
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    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    If Mitchell is getting meaningful minutes in the playoffs the Bruins are in trouble.
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    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    “The Peeke trade makes absolutely zero sense, he's a 7th defenseman making too much money that you gave up an actual pick for. Like WTF. Bring up Mitchell for that spot and keep the pick. Just mind boggling.” Fast forward yourself to when Gryz and Wotherspoon or Mitchell are getting pushed...