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    July 7, 2024 - Red Sox @ Yankees

    Not sure Eduardo understands what “high risk high rewards“ actually means (or, quite possibly he is Boone or Cashman’s mouthpiece).
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    July 7, 2024 - Red Sox @ Yankees

    But hey, Booney is a great manager. Always got them ready to compete. Look $300 mil doesn’t buy you what it used to
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    Wild Card Weekend

    McDaniel didn’t cover himself in glory tonight but Mahomes vs Tua was only slightly more fair than Holmes vs Tex Cobb
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    Wild Card Weekend

    What’s instructive is that after Tua‘s rookie year it was quite clear that unless you surrounded him with elite weapons he could not succeed. And so Miami pushed all their draft/trade capital on making that happen. There was no way this team would be anything other slightly above average. And...
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    Week 16: Broncos Is Caleb Spelled Like Joe Judge Scrawled It On A White Board

    If there is anything good that came out of tonight it’s A).It turns out Russell Wilson is not John Elway (or hell, even Craig Morton), and B) Jesus, Sean Payton. Is this like a Flowers for Algernon thing where he briefly became brilliant and then descended into stupidity?
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    Week 16: Broncos Is Caleb Spelled Like Joe Judge Scrawled It On A White Board

    No. Absolutely 100% no. Zappe may come to camp next year but if the Pats at any point thought he was QB1 then, well, he would have been given the shot at QB1. He’s slightly better than Mac Jones, Which is like saying herpes is slightly better than hepatitis ii
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    2023-24 NBA Game Thread

    Watching Jokic take Chet in the paint on like 3 straight possessions early in the game was like watching big brother vs. little brother on the playground. Chet looks good on the offensive end but it’s going to take a lot of work on the D end (which is true of a lot of young players). Didn’t...
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    Game 8: Goats in Miami

    For a reason— yards after contact year by year: 2021: 2.7 2022: 2.1 2023: 1.2 Attempts per broken tackles: 2021: 8.3 2022: 8.8 2023: 21.8 The O-line is suboptimal but he’s aging in Marion Butts years.
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    This is now: BB and the direction of the Patriots

    They should ship out whatever they can but who has value to another team that may actually return something— a concussed Parker? An injured & underwhelming Uche? For contrast the word here in DC is that the Commanders are dealing. They at least have Montez Sweat & Chase Young to shop. And the...
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    Game 8: Goats in Miami

    The biggest differences between the Jets and the Pats are that A) the Jets are much healthier on D and B) the Jets have two players on O (Hall and Wilson) that are light years better than any skill position players on the Pats. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the Pats have fewer...
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    8/18 Beat the MFY

    I don’t think over his career he’s been lousy but I think he’s been overrated. I get that the playoffs are a crapshoot but given that the Yankees have as many if not more built in advantages than any other franchise, I think Cashman’s track record has been mediocre at best. Put another way...
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    2023-24 Celtics

    I think a middle road may be PIF buying into/owning an expansion team, and (call this crazy) hosting the in season tournament. Perhaps it gets truncated or w fewer teams but it’s a huge potential revenue generator.
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    Gilles Gilbert dead at 74

    Echoing what everyone has said. I was a very young kid when he was the Bs goalie and I thought his name was “Jill Jill Bear”. So i asked my dad about it and he said that he was French Canadian. So for several years I thought Canadian parents gave their boys a pair of girls names. And my...
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    8/18 Beat the MFY

    Not judging him solely on this year. Given the Yankees advantages I think the bar should be higher than “not a losing season”. They have significant financial resources (which they are able to exercise in ML payroll, international signings, front office hirings especially in advanced...
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    August MLB Thread

    Within 40 days of being drafted is doing a bit of work here. For example, Pete Incaviglia was drafted in June 1985. He signed in Nov 1985 and debuted at the beginning of 1986 having never played a minor league game. And there was Bob Horner in 1978– weeks after being drafted out of ASU...
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    8/18 Beat the MFY

    Alex Verdugo is 7th on the Sox in OPS (.776). He’d be 2nd on the Yanks. But, yeah, Cashman, is a good GM . . .
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    July 28 Giants @Oracle

    Santander also made a great diving catch on Volpe in the 8th. Adding to the fun, Volpe made the Farrell face after the catch (which I suppose is understandable when you only get like one hit a week).
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    2023 Baltimore Orioles

    Os walk-off the Yanks tonight, 1-0 on a Santander bomb. And for the first time in a while it looked like more Os fans than Yanks fans in the stands, by far. Team looks legit. Basically everyone is hitting, they seem to have a never ending supply of prospects & Cano/Bautista is lights out for...
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    July MLB thread

    Os walk-off the Yanks on a Santander HR in the 9th, wasting a great outing by Cole. Yanks offense continues to be anemic, watching Stanton flail away tonight was comical (not as comical as watching Volpe “hit” but still . . . ). i can only imagine how sizzling Boone’s seat is by now (of course...
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    6/18 (was 6/17)-MFY Word Association Fathers Day

    Yeah, they were kinda screwed once Houck went down. Would have been helpful if one of Kluber, Pivetta, Murphy, Mata or Walter didn’t shit the bed this year.