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  1. exGloucester

    Sox at NYY July 5

    Fucking-A, this team can play.
  2. exGloucester

    3/28/24 - Opening Day 2024 - Red Sox at Mariners

    Fuck yeah. We’re going to win it all this year.
  3. exGloucester

    ARod’s Shattered Dreams of Joining Boston

    I hated the idea of losing Manny, and spewed bile in that thread. As Stiffy put it, I think later during one of the trade deadline wait-outs, there is but one Manny, and there shall be no equivalencies.
  4. exGloucester

    Big Yaz Bread: Akin to Bigfoot or REAL?

    I dimly recall a loaf of yaz bread that had a sticker on the end of the loaf with a picture of yaz in his batting stance. You could peel off the sticker and stick it to something else. Very dim memory...
  5. exGloucester

    Who is the first Red Sox First Baseman you can remember?

    George Scott in 1968. I vaguely recall the 1967 World Series but we lived out of state at the time so the sox weren’t a big cultural happening locally. The Internet says Scott played 112 games at first base in 68 but my first game at Fenway on September 28, 1968, featured Dalton Jones at...
  6. exGloucester

    I can never be satisfied. Can you?

    I'm mostly satisfied. I followed my team all season and they won the division, and the last two games were great. That's a real good season.
  7. exGloucester

    Hot take--who's gonna win and by how much?

    Pats by 4, nail-biting, ass-clenching, high-scoring thrill-kill ride. 38-34.
  8. exGloucester

    War Does Not Determine Who is Right, but Who is Left on Base

    Very nice read, and I feel a little less stupid on the subject now.
  9. exGloucester

    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    What a great rallying point for a good season and making the playoffs. And when after hitting a walk-off to win the WS he is met by Jesus at home plate and ascends directly to heaven, that will be awesome too.
  10. exGloucester

    SoSH Baseball is coming.

    I can do some reasonably competent copy editing, and possibly other stuff.