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    LynnRice75 appreciation thread. Oh, and there's a game tonight. (9/18)

    Sox bring new meaning to meh When does season end? Green grass of the mind
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    RIP Denny Doyle

    Wonderful memory, @DennyDoyle'sBoil. Very similar to my own first visit to Fenway at age 7 (but in a different championship year, '67, so pre-Doyle). I loved that guy...he was my first scrappy second baseman crush. Always brought a smile to my face to hear his name years later, although this...
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    10/1 MLB Playoffs -- Red Wedding Day

    I love the name of this thread. It would be nice to see the Reds score at least one run before becoming the first victim today.
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    The Magic Number

    My hero. Go A's; let's get this one to Kevin Romine by day's end.
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    WS GAME thread: NYM vs. KC

    Thanks, Damage Train. Sports hate is a beautiful thing, and I make no apologies for it.
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    WS GAME thread: NYM vs. KC

    I'm just a crabby old broad these days, but in 1986 I was a hopeful young thing, and I have just this to say: suck on it, New York Mets.