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    Passing the torch!

    Greenwell, O'leary, Manny?
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    Passing the torch!

    This topic was pretty hot on MLB radio. I can't think of any position progression like LF for the Sox. Teddy Ballgame to Yaz to Rice (even Greenwell), but what does SOSH think. Any better out there?
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    Red Sox DFA C Dan Butler

    Butler will likely clear and get reassigned.
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    Your Red Sox Blind Spot

    I always thought Brian Daubach was solid, even now when I looked at his numbers I was surprised. #blindspot
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    Lester: Stop Believing What You Read on Twitter.

    If they were signing David Ross I would be more concerned.
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    Trading X?

    I would like to see both actually. I understand the upside and potential, but I don't see X sticking at SS and 3B/LF are blocked. Marrero is close and we are cost controlled at C, RF, and bullpen, as well as reasonable deals at 2B and if things workout CF. Nap, Victorino, and Cespedes come off...
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    Trading X?

    If X is the piece that gets Cole I do it. I don't love it, but pitching is a glaring need.
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    Red Sox Hot Stove Rumors

    Giving up prospects may be part, but Donaldson is a RHH and this lineup needed someone from the left side or a switch hitter like Panda.
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    Would you, could you trade Mike Napoli?

    I feel like we could use another LH bat in the linup. A trade of Nap would open up Nava against righties. I can still picture Nap strolling around Boston shirtless, it would be a sad day, but I can see it for the right return.
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    Sox sign Rusney Castillo to 7-year/$72.5M deal (2014-2020)

    Per Rotoworld: Castillo will likely sit out much of this week as a precautionary measure, but he should ultimately be fine. The 27-year-old center fielder is batting .278/.333/.361 with three doubles, three walks, and six strikeouts in 39 plate appearances for the Surprise Saguaros. With good...
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    Phillies will look to trade Cole Hamels, Red Sox interested

    Agree with this. I think we may have waited too long on our large crop of AAA pitchers, many of whom have lost some luster. Time to make a deal.
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    Thank You Cuzittt!

    Been on this site for years. I lay low and post sparingly, but I read these threads daily! Thank you!
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    9/13 MiLB Gameday: Governor's Cup Final, Final Game

    I don't post often, but I read this post several times a day. Thank you!
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    Brian Johnson

    This is my vote for a start in the bucket. Guy killed it this year and could use the shot in the arm.
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    Matt Barnes called up to Red Sox

    Any chance Brian Johnson gets a start with the Pawsox? His last start was on the third.
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    Workman is a non-starter Optioned per Speier Hembree back up.
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    Should the Red Sox trade Clay Buchholz?

    No one is going to pickup his contract right now. We should keep him and see if there is a bounce back.
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    Trading Jon Lester (news and speculation thread)

    Sure, but why announce it now? Unless he wants his potential trade partner to think it is done deal somewhere else.
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    Trading Jon Lester (news and speculation thread)

    Agreed, but announcing it now instead of tomorrow at 5pm means they are close and/or putting the final squeeze on someone. Big risk from Ben to push unless close.
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    Trading Jon Lester (news and speculation thread) No Lester tomorrow. Announcing this tonight means the deal is close. IMHO