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  1. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    Probably would be a good idea to shut him down early if they are not in contention late August/September. That would probably be helpful for 2021.
  2. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Catch as Catch Can...

    I agree with you 100%. But I feel that the only reason the ownership group kept Farrell as long as they did was his battle with cancer. Just my opinion, but could show precedence for how they view things.
  3. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Catch as Catch Can...

    Obviously, none of us know what the thinking is inside the organization, but by what has been written in articles, there are arguments for all three. Vasquez was most likely the choice of Farrell, does have 1 decent season, is a native of Puerto Rico, like his manger and is generally regarded as...
  4. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    Would signing someone like Nelson Cruz make sense? It would mean living with J.Ds defense in the outfield. Thus allowing a trade of JBJ while at possibly his peak value.
  5. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    JBJ: Elite Defender With Some Pop

    If the Sox close it out, He has to be one of, if not the front runner for series MVP.
  6. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    The Alex Cora Difference

    I would like to think that in a similar situation, clinching game, against Houston or hopefully, the WS, we see sale at least start the 9th.
  7. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    BOS bullpen 2018

    Considering the quality LH starting pitching the Sox have, Wouldn't be possible for one of them to act as "loogy of the night"? After all, it has become fairly common to have starters pitch some between starts in the playoffs.
  8. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Manager's Discretion

    I would also think that the chance of a close play at the plate in that situation would make one worry about injuring your last MLB caliber catcher.
  9. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Potential Trade Deadline Targets

    Not really, if going over, why worry about by how much? They could probably pick up some useful players just by assuming their full remaining salaries.
  10. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Price is right

    This is just an observation. Sale is one of the fastest working pitchers, and they were helpless against him. Price is one of the slowest, perhaps giving a killer lineup like the Yankees more time to think works in their favor.
  11. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Hanley DFA'd (5/25 Update)

    Not to mention no way he would have reached the vesting option.
  12. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Wherefore art thou, Blake?

    He caught alot in spring training, so the current braintrust has recent observations on which to make thier decision about his catching ability. Couldn't it simply be that they consider him an inferior defensive catcher to Vaz and Leon but a better option than Butler in the case of injury? So...
  13. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Mookie Betts appreciation thread

    How Mookie reminds me of Junior is the pure joy they show while playing the game at such a high level.
  14. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    Mookie Betts appreciation thread

    If i remember right, i think Fred Patek of all people did also.
  15. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    The Starting Rotation's Start

    Would it be a bad idea to plan on piggy backing Velazquez after Pom for a few starts? Plan on him coming in and finishing the game except for maybe the ninth, acording to the score. That way he would have 3-4 innings and would sta stretched out.
  16. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    April brouhaha with the Yankees

    If MLB really wanted to cut down/stop the intentional HBP, instruct the umps to eject the player from the game that did slide illegally. If the rules do not allow that, change them when they can.
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    "We may have arrived at a point in time when "Boras' Bloated Binders of Biblically Blinding Bullshit" TM are as useful as an 8-track tape deck." Have you seen the price of 8-track tape players on eBay?
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    Really, if you look at fairly recent past, all the big spending clubs have large contracts they regret. Many, more than one. Then subtract the teams that never give out large contracts and the teams that are rebuilding. Add in the weak FA market this year and the strong one next year. Plus Boras...
  19. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    The Unbalanced 40-man Roster

    Personally, I would look hard to trade Holt. If they could find an interestng OF with options, that would be more useful to the roster.
  20. RustyKuntzwasnotastripper

    The Greek God of Hops

    Wow, Ron Howard meets ZZ Top