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  1. nattysez

    Doogie does defense, the Sam Hauser thread

    That's why I thought this would never happen. I am confident Brad and Zarren have a plan.
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    Team USA 2024

    They cared for the 5 or so minutes it took to erase a double-digit deficit and get a small lead, then they checked out again.
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    Team USA 2024

    Was that DWhite with yet another clutch block on a big (on the follow-up dunk attempt)?
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    2024 NBA Summer League - The Baylor and Bronny version

    He doesn't meet all the requirements you set out, but Seth Curry seemed to be on his way out of the league - or at best headed for a other season in G League - when he joined the Pelicans' Summer League team in 2015. The coach gave him a ton of run and talked him up in postgame interviews and...
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    Red Sox draft D'Angelo Ortiz

    Sadly, we missed out on Manny's son.
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    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    He was barely on my radar anymore anyway, but this could be the end for Skip Bayless. FS1 is letting him go.
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    We're at the ASB, where are you with the 2024 Boston Red Sox?

    I really enjoy watching this team, but these results are EXACTLY what I didn't want to see, given my desire for the Sox to use their financial might to win. John Henry is filling the ballpark and capturing fans' hearts while avoiding big-ticket salaries. These results are going to confirm his...
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    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    One other thing about Markkanen -- why would Ainge trade him at all unless he gets an incredible return? He's 27, shot 56% from the field, 40% from 3 and 90% from the line, and seems to still be improving. He also has the "complexion for the connection" with Jazz fans, to paraphrase Robert...
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    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    IMO, there is no shot Utah does the Warriors the massive favor of taking on Wiggins without Kuminga being in the deal. That is an awful contract unless he miraculously pulls himself together; 3/~$86m (third year is a player option that I assume he'll pick up).
  10. nattysez

    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    Danny is nothing if not consistent -- he is asking the Warriors to gut the future of the team if they want Markkanen. If I were the Warriors, I would be really reticent to move Kuminga -- I think he could turn into an excellent player -- but they have so few picks to trade, they might not have a...
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    Copa ‘24: Should Have Been a Yellow

    He has ice on his ankle. Nothing on his knee.
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    July 2024 MLB Gamethread

    Giants won on a walk off Little League HR, so the Sox and Twins are now tied in the loss column.
  13. nattysez

    July: Red Sox discussion, observations and trend tracking...AKA It's not all about the Benjamins

    The schedule is pretty rocky (pun intended) after the ASG aside from three at Colorado: 3@LAD 3@COL 3vMFY 3vSEA With the trade deadline on July 30 and the quality of the teams the Sox will be facing (LA excellent, COL horrible), Breslow is probably not going to get much useful data from the...
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    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    Apologies if I missed this, but Paul Reed got claimed off waivers by Detroit. I think he's got a lot of potential - hopefully the new leadership is prepared to nurture their guys. He could wind up being a 14th man like James Wiseman, but I'm curious to see if/hopeful he can turn into something more.
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    NY Knicks 2024-25: OG And The Wildcats

    This just in - Rick Brunson's contract as Knicks Assistant Coach just got extended for 4/$100. This also just in - Leon Rose has hired his son as a temporary consultant to the team for $40m (to cover his lost agent fees).
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    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    100%. As of today, the only team that has enough cap space to fit Robinson is the Jazz. And I'm sure Danny (1) drives an extremely hard bargain on taking on contracts and (2) wants to keep room open in case they wind up having to re-sign Lauri.
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    What is next for BB?

    Whatever they are paying BB is worth it just for the number of people who are making this same discovery today (myself included).
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    Team USA 2024

    I don't think anyone with a working brain cares about this guy's opinion on anything anymore, but I found this take on the situation amusing:
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    Team USA 2024

    Watching him tonight, Haliburton is another guy you can add to the "miraculously healed once his series with the Celtics was over" list, along with Luka.