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  1. Major Major

    8/24/23 - Boston at Houston pt 2

    This season is like one of those relationships where you think, OK, we're done, it's not gonna work out, but then you have a good weekend and stay together, and it goes on and on like that.
  2. Major Major

    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    Aw man, I generally just peruse and see what you fellas have to say, but you're killing Torchy's here! It seems unfair to compare it to other taco joints since they're not really doing tacos as people think of them, but even if you hate it and think it's overpriced, can we get no love for the...
  3. Major Major

    Keeping the Sky Up. What is going right?

    Fantastic. But legit question: if his offensive numbers stay at their jaw-dropping level, does he stay in anyway?
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    Rosenthal: Nathan Eovaldi in agreement with Red Sox

    Could not agree more.
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    How about that? Sox are Champs for the fourth time this century

    All the pundits waxing poetic about the historically great Sox today, but for a team this incredible and this consistent, they were doubted and a little disrespected relative to their numbers. The MFY won one game and got puffy, with Judge and his NY NY nonsense. Then Houston won one game and...
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    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    These are arguably our 7 biggest names. This is their production in the postseason. You hear a lot of platitudes about "team" in the playoffs, but boy is it true of these guys. One hell of a TEAM. Betts .207/.303/.276 (.579 OPS) Bogaerts .218/.290/.309 (.599 OPS) Benintendi .269/.333/.346 (.679...
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    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    MLB has it covered. See, they've been worried that the games took too long and ended so late that they were losing younger viewers, so during the regular season they tried a couple things, like a pitch clock and counting mound visits, that shaved a pinch of time off. Nothing major. But for the...