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  1. irinmike

    4/11 These Rays Gotta Go

    Why management ever thought Kiki was going to be the key to success this season was on drugs. He can't hit and he has never hit. Lifetime average of less than 240 tells you all you need to know. Maybe he needs to wash the dye out of his hair, and put on some spikes that are less flashy as no...
  2. irinmike

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    Heck no, Devers will want to remain in the infield and not be relegated to DH duties.
  3. irinmike

    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    The essence of this situation is simple. Fans care much more about their chosen team than players. The players see it totally as a business and will jump to whichever team shells out the most lucrative contract. That's MLB today and there is no reason why it should change given the Player...
  4. irinmike

    Mookie details Boston exit

    What do you expect Betts to say, that he was looking for an out of Boston and took the most bucks? He knows how many people feel about him leaving, and he is the kind of guy who does not want to deal with the negativism generated by him leaving. He left because he took the money, the Red Sox...
  5. irinmike

    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    Okay Bradley was a great outfielder in his hayday, but right now he brought nothing to the table. His exploits in center field, years ago is worthy of accolades but right now he is just another bad decision in Bloom's folder. Making things even worse is the 17 plus million still owed him...
  6. irinmike

    Red Sox in season discussion

    This team is playing for next year at this point no matter what Cora or any other Red Sox officially says publicly. Therefore use Whitlock where he will be most effective moving forward. Groom him as the closer on a "real" team, unlike this year's sorry lot.
  7. irinmike

    Now it's Sale's turn: Sale has COVID, will not start Sunday (9/10 update)

    To hell with Chris Sale. The guy who came back from Tommy John surgery in July and stated after his first start that he would never waste another day of his major league career. He would "respect the game". Now we know that was all bullshit because if he really respected the game and his team...
  8. irinmike

    What are your thoughts on the Monaco and DiNardo pairing on NESN?

    I would like to know when Dave O Boring's contract is up. For the first time ever this year I turn the volume off during game broadcasts. I liked Monaco alot, and since Orsillo is not coming back I would love to see Monaco become the voice of the Red Sox on NESN. I gave Dave O Boring all the...
  9. irinmike

    How much have you watched so far?

    I have watched a part of every game. I would enjoy a miserable season so far much more if Don Orsillo was still in the Red Sox booth. After Sunday night I thought well what a let down. With a pandemic swirling and little to do I hoped for at least a competetive Red Sox team and instead we get...
  10. irinmike

    Rosenthal: Mookie and LAD in agreement: 12/$365

    I am a Red Sox fan not a Mookie or whomever ass kisser. The money he got will hamstring the Dodgers for years. Time to move on and just don't subject me to the Tom Caron BS of a nightly "how did Mookie do for the Dodgers last night". Its over and I'm looking forward.
  11. irinmike

    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    Sick of the negative comments on a guy who has given his all for the Red Sox and was instrumental in the magic season of 2018.
  12. irinmike


    Since I summer in Maine I always take in a few Sea Dog games. They have been terrible for quite a few years now, but this year's team at this point in the season is terrible. Talk about a minor league system that is void of talent. I will not be back next season, gonna take a year off. Not...
  13. irinmike

    Starting Pitching 2019

    Sale has not looked right since midseason last year. His command of the strike zone is abysmal.
  14. irinmike

    Swihart traded to Dbacks

    The Sox stuck with Swihart after his injury and he was given plenty of chances to make a name for himself. as a hitter, as his catching has always sucked. He did not, and right now the Sox need a defensive catcher because Vasquez is not exactly a gold glove catcher himself. Leon is no long...
  15. irinmike

    W.S. Hangover Cures: The Devil is in the Details...

    The only thing unfair is the way the starting pitching staff is handling hitters right now.
  16. irinmike

    JBJ: Elite Defender With Some Pop

    It is late June and JBJ has been given a chance to find his way at the plate without success. He is obviously pressing as his defense is now looking a bit shaky at times. A centerfielder who is hitting 184 with over 200 AB to this point should not be in the lineup.
  17. irinmike

    Red Sox sign David Price

    I would think with the investment the Sox have in Price, most of the coaching staff should be watching prior video of his pitching. The way Pedroia's "find" on Price occurred seemed like happenstance. A drop in velocity, a lack of control, and those are the two staples that had made Price...
  18. irinmike

    Is it time to digitalize the strike zone.

    Its time for baseball to move into the 21st century. The technology available today could easily be adapted to baseball. When tennis, at the highest levels, transitioned to line monitoring technology, it instantly stopped all of the silly argumentative dialogue between officials and...
  19. irinmike

    What year is your favorite Red Sox season?

    No need to be a contrarian here. 2004 the year we paid the Yankee's off, and won it all for the first time since ancient history. Experiencing that with my 90 year old uncle, was incredible.
  20. irinmike

    Sox get Kimbrel

    Same crap I read after almost any trade the Red Sox make. The same rhetoric. "The Sox gave up to much". "The front office got fleeced on this one". "The Sox should have gotten much more for those players". EVERYONE complained about the pathetic bullpen we trotted out night after night last...