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    Tennis 2019: Plus ça change...

    And of course we never got to find out where Monica Seles would have been in this discussion because of the stabbing. She never won Wimbledon, but had eight GS titles by age 20. There’s a pretty good chance we could have been calling her the GOAT. What might have been.
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    The NFL and the National Anthem

    I have no legal knowledge or training so I may be way off base, but is this really a valid argument? The NFL held a decades-long antitrust exemption and has publically funded stadiums. Can they legitimately make the "private employer / company time" case against protesting?
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    SBLII: What Did the Butler Do?

    So BB is fed up over tardiness and weed, tells Butler that he won't play defense because of it, but what the heck, you can play on ST. How does that make any sense?
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    I wanted to keep Jimmy over Brady... and LOCKED!!!!!

    Even this seems questionable. Obviously 40 is 40, but he's been excellent all year, if not the absolute beast of 2007 or 2010. Without Edelman, Mitchell, and some Hogan. And a shaky OL, to say the least. Gronk has been healthier than usual, and Brady has taken full advantage, but he's still only...
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    2017 Colts: Better Luck Next Year!

    Can we still root for Jacoby to have some success there, in the hope that it leads to a solid NFL career elsewhere?
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    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    And most importantly, made himself part of the story instead of just reporting on it.
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    NFL's Declining Viewership: One Slice at a Time

    Thanks for the response. Clearly I'm quite alone in my view of taunting, so I won't post about it again after this, but: 1. With what these guys do to each other (and themselves) physically that we're okay with, who the fuck cares what they do verbally? 2. This isn't exactly Othello or King...
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    NFL's Declining Viewership: One Slice at a Time

    Dropping pants in public would violate laws that aren't related to NFL rules. Otherwise, who cares if they give each other a hard time verbally? Makes for more entertainment when the home crowd can relish their player doing it, or add to the villain narrative when the opponent does it.
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    NFL's Declining Viewership: One Slice at a Time

    Why not let them taunt? Just curious.
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    Mort had Stage 4 Throat Cancer; Cheatriots fans whine some more

    What's a DFG Truther? Is that like the folks here who tell him all the ways his bullshit tweet has tarnished the GOAT and hurt the Pats for false reasons, or just the real twitter assholes who wish death on him? I hope you meant the latter, because "truther" is obviously a perjorative term...
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    NFL's Declining Viewership: One Slice at a Time

    Even if viewer numbers level off, I would think advertising revenue will drop at some point. Its been a few years since I've watched a game without DVR, so they only take an hour and change to watch (I fast forward through time between snaps, not just game breaks). Typically for a 1pm game I'll...
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    Mort had Stage 4 Throat Cancer; Cheatriots fans whine some more

    I've lurked on SoSH almost every day for thirteen years and this is the funniest fucking thing I've ever read here. My toddler was puzzled as to why daddy was laughing like a maniac at his phone. I explained but he didn't quite grasp it so I'll try again when he's four.
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    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    I feel dirty typing this because it has a hint of defending the red menace, but maybe he makes an "integrity of the game" distinction, where potential on- field infractions have to be treated more severely than mere psychopathic off-field behavior. The owners can't have a pro wrestling tint to...
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    LeBron - Greatest of All-Time?

    As a novice fan of the sport, I've got to ask - is Jordan > Kareem universally accepted? Kliq was the only poster so far to even really debate Kareem's stature. As is often noted here, endurance and durability are measurable skills in themselves. Kareem is just so off the charts in that regard...
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    The refs are going to screw us!

    How much can homefield influence really be a factor? It's not like the crews assigned to playoff games are brand new to the NFL. Wouldn't experienced officials get used to the boos and noise over time and adjust? Whst kind of crummy officials could let themselves get spooked by the audience game...
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    Mort had Stage 4 Throat Cancer; Cheatriots fans whine some more

    I feel sympathy for 11 out of 12 cancer patients. Guess which one you are Mort?
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    But if the employees at Exponent and Wells and his staff were aware that they were applying bad data to help their client frame an innocent man, shouldn't we at least see them as lousy people, regardless of their profession? Or is it like not yelling at the cable company rep when you call...
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    Worst Parent Stories

    You may want to consider calling your local police department and just explain everything you posted here. Obviously he has not done anything to the level of a crime, but tell them he has a criminal record and has been making you increasingly concerned. For one, they may have some decent advice...
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    2015 Giants: To Score or Not to Score?

    I'm curious as to why you want Coughlin gone. He certainly seems to have gotten the most out of Eli over the years and doesn't appear to have hit any kind of age-related wall where the game has passed him by. Two SBs as well as contending teams in most seasons over the last decade. Do you think...
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    SportsCenter & OTL Bringing Back Spygate (live, 9AM)

    But that's a two way street, right? So people in the Pats' organization can make up innuendos and suspicions about Goodell and his cronies without fear of legal reprisal themselves, correct?