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    2024 NBA General Offseason Thread

    I hope the Celtics grab cp.
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    It’s notable that a 40-20 game in a (for them) big win doesn’t get raved about here. The guy is amazing!
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    Al Horford - the Celtics' Resurrected Saviour of the Season

    After winning the title I hope Horford has a long string of “DNP: Old”’s to start next year.
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    Renaming NBA Franchises

    I was down on this until you raised the possibility of the Memphis Kings.
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    Celtic off-court discussion

    I imagine the Clippers are the one team less likely then the Celtics! They would hate for LA to be a Clippers town, even if only for a year or two.
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    Build a team with initials

    John Stockton John Starks (personal favorite) Jack Sickma Jerry Stackhouse Joe Smith (bit of a weak link but right position) Not terrible!
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    Markelle Fultz, Year Three: He's back! Big....?

    Hi, this is a link to a Malcolm Gladwell article about this topic (I think yips=choke, in his usage). It is pretty interesting. I hope that he is not going through this, and if he is I hope he gets better soon.