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  1. Norm Siebern

    July 13 - Royals @ Red Sox

    And Richard Simmons
  2. Norm Siebern

    Sound of Summer, Baseball Announcers

    Ned Martin and Jim Woods. Then, now and forever. Mercy.
  3. Norm Siebern

    6/14 - Finals Game 4 @ DAL – Only Championship Banners

    Celtics become legal tonight as they come of age and reach 18. I'm Eighteen
  4. Norm Siebern

    RIP Jerry West

    What a tremendous post, @Kliq. I learned a great deal that I did not previously know (particularly regarding the abusive household he had to grow up in) and as a result have increased my respect for Jerry West.Thank you for your passion and effort. RIP and Godspeed, Jerry West.
  5. Norm Siebern

    RIP Bill Walton

    Goddamn this one hurts. Sadness accrues. The world is a lesser place today. What a pleasure and joy it was to watch him play basketball. There were moments when that '86 team transcended basketball and became art. Godspeed and Rest in Peace, Bill Walton
  6. Norm Siebern

    Game 6 - It was not Death, for I stood up

    I could have written this post myself, sums up everything I am thinking. Absolutely agree, from the "didn't watch another play..." down to "...absolutely fucked in the STL series." Spot on. And now I can't sleep. But hey, at least iv'e got a summer of Red Sox baseball to look forward too. How...
  7. Norm Siebern

    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    I'm in on this also @Two Youks. Keep fighting, miracles happen.
  8. Norm Siebern

    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    I'm looking forward to Jacob Trouba meeting Sam Bennett in the ECF. I'm just sorry Rempe won't have a chance as well.
  9. Norm Siebern

    G4: Everyone Fights, No One Quits

    Iv'e sometimes wondered what it would have been like if Joe West had not have reversed the call on Alex Rodriguez's punch the ball out of Arroyo's glove in game six in the Bronx. Tonight answers that question. Such an obvious violation of the rules, that completely turned a crucial game around...
  10. Norm Siebern

    G4: Everyone Fights, No One Quits

    What a Goddamn fucking joke. If your not going to follow the rule in the rule book, as clear as day, then why the fuck am I watching? Fuck this league. I'm done. I wish I knew who to write too in the league office so i can tell them that I am done. fuck this league. I hope the Bruins cave in...
  11. Norm Siebern

    G4: Everyone Fights, No One Quits

    How much more clear does it have to be? Fucking beat the shit out of Bennett and the rest of his shitheaded fuckwad teammates. If the game has already been decided, just beat the shit out of them. Break some fucking bones.
  12. Norm Siebern

    G4: Everyone Fights, No One Quits

    What a fucking joke. Bennett is such a fucking piece of shit. Somebody needs to run his fucking ass.
  13. Norm Siebern

    G4: Everyone Fights, No One Quits

    The Bs are going to get bullshit penalties called against them anyway. At least make them count for something. Fucking tear their scrotums out.
  14. Norm Siebern

    vs. Nats May 12

    I taught American History to Nats' 3rd basemen Trey Lipscomb when he was in High School. Great kid, terrific family. Played SS and pitcher for the HS team. One day when he was on the mound his right fielder botched a play, costing a run. Trey called time, went out to him, told him to shake it...
  15. Norm Siebern

    Game 3- Panthers @ Bruins

    Can't sleep. I hate pretty much everything right now.
  16. Norm Siebern

    Game 2 - Seek and Destroy

    Whatever. Phuck Phlorida. I hate everything about that fucking state.
  17. Norm Siebern

    Game 1 - The Payback

    Post of the night
  18. Norm Siebern

    Game 7 - We Win

    Absolutely correct. Let the drama of the moment be the star, not the announcer(s). Great comment. You should teach a class in sports announcing.