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  1. Carlos Cowart

    2020 Pats: How Does the Season End?

    In the era of parity BB has done the statistically impossible. They're doing something nobody else has figured out. I'll take "don't throw me into that briar patch" game film for 100, Alex.
  2. Carlos Cowart

    2020 Pats: How Does the Season End?

    We'll see shortly if the last 6 games Pats resemble the playoff Pats. They morphed into a defensive beast last year and we didn't' see it coming. I suspect we're about to see some offense we didn't think they were capable of as of yesterday and the D will revert to verygood to excellent. If that...
  3. Carlos Cowart

    2020 Pats: How Does the Season End?

    I'm with Dogman. You either believe the Belichick chess/checkers thing or you don't. If you're a 3D chess guy, which I am, I expect Bill to show Baltimore and KC - their obvious playoff opponents - a game plan which is totally different from the reg season games, losses be damned, we're...
  4. Carlos Cowart

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    The tuck rule game bitchslapped a good Raiders team into oblivion for 2 decades. The "lights out" dance game derailed San Diego's dynasty hopes. And of course Brady devoured Atlanta's soul in the SB. God, I would hate this team if I grew up anywhere else.
  5. Carlos Cowart

    2019 Pre-Game Thread: Week 3 vs Jets

    Or is this billjitsu? Maybe he's hoping to get owners screaming at their coaches to spend a lot more time scouting practice squads.
  6. Carlos Cowart

    Week 2 Game Thread

    Did I just see a helmet ripped off by the face mask and no penalty? How's that possible?
  7. Carlos Cowart

    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    Holy shit, the Rams taped the Patriots practice!
  8. Carlos Cowart

    SB53: Choose Your Own Adventure

    If I'm God, then the Pats are down 24 at the start of the 4th, Pats defense gets a couple of turnovers to keep the game from being over, and Brady is 20 for 20 down the stretch, including three 2 pt conversions to tie, Pats lose the flip and Hightower runs it in on a strip sack for the win in...
  9. Carlos Cowart

    Patriots fans, Yankees fans, and always being greedy for more

    "I always want the Pats to win, but I don't harbor any ill will toward other teams" This is where I'm at. I hate no teams and really no fans, right up until the point when they mention cheating, taping walk-throughs, deflating footballs etc. I mostly just laugh at those idiots because when...
  10. Carlos Cowart

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    "But this is an imitation league. The second someone succeeds with something new or different, somebody else figures out how to do it or defeat it." Emphasis mine. I think this is in large part why the Pats have been successful - they capitalize on it being an imitation league. If the Pats win...
  11. Carlos Cowart

    The Game Ball Thread: AFCDG vs Chargers

    Whole team in general. Gronk specifically throwing guys around at the line. Edelman's second efforts, Michel. Van Noy. Slater. Shit - everyone.
  12. Carlos Cowart

    2018 NFL Game Thread - Week 16

    OMG, he threw a 10 yd pass sidearm!
  13. Carlos Cowart

    SBLII: Who's Gonna Win?

    I'm predicting a double digit win.Partially because I think the Pats are a better team with better coaches and way more playoff/ SB experience. But mostly because Kraft has put in his annual call to the league office to let them know he expects to get all the close calls; the ex-KGB guys on...
  14. Carlos Cowart

    Divisional Round Gamethread

    "It finished 4.5" I got it at 5.5 and had an uncomfortable 3 minutes listening to the announcers talking about how they still have to kick the PAT with people high fiving on the field and the clock at 00.
  15. Carlos Cowart

    Divisional Round Gamethread

    What happened to Joe Buck's hair?
  16. Carlos Cowart

    Week 14 NFL Game Thread

    Fuck!!! I had under 77
  17. Carlos Cowart

    Week 9 Game Thread

    I was just listening to the radio and learned the Jagwires are playing the Bangles today.