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  1. camneely

    February 2020 NBA Game Thread

    Dame with 34/7/7 with 4:00 left in the third
  2. camneely

    2020 TB12: What Does 2020 Hold for 12?

    So he’s suddenly embarrassed that he knowingly and willingly took less than market rate multiple times over the course of his career to help strengthen the roster and maximize team and personal success? Makes tons of sense.
  3. camneely

    2020 TB12: What Does 2020 Hold for 12?

    Also, a number of key defensive players may decide to retire in the wake of a Brady exit. Including possible losses in free agency, they could conceivably be without Chung, McCourtys, High, Collins, and KVN. Wouldn’t blame any of those dudes for taking a pass on the chance to rack up some moral...
  4. camneely

    2019 TB12: Everyday Is Like Sunday

    This is a reasonable approach, and I think an accurate portrayal of his season. Though, it's worth noting that Brady may not have made the best decision in throwing a ball away, so some of them may very well be his "fault." Brady looks hurt to me. His elbow is obviously an issue, and maybe...
  5. camneely

    12/12 Return of the Al

    They let Embiid get away with a lot of shit
  6. camneely

    Jayson Tatum Needs His Own Thread

    JT and JB are both worthy of a selection, in my opinion. If GH picks up where he left off, he should probably get one as well. As for the rest of the East, Trae Young and Bradley Beal are both sure things. If Kyrie comes back, I think he'll probably make it (if only based on reputation)...
  7. camneely

    Celtics in 18-19

    On the one hand, dealing with the turmoil and struggle that this season has presented may toughen the team up some for the stretch run. They're obviously just as talented as the other top EC teams (though in fairness we haven't yet seen them against the new look 76ers). When they're on they...
  8. camneely

    Kyrie speculation

    Yes, this is all 100% correct. The scenario I outlined was contingent on Kyrie suspecting/knowing that AD would wind up in LA one way or another. But I guess Davis doesn't have the leverage, short of threatening to pull a Kawhi, to force a trade specifically to the Lakers. Anyway, just a...
  9. camneely

    Kyrie speculation

    Caveat: this is completely speculative. But another possibility is that these stories are being leaked by Kyrie's side to put pressure on Ainge and the front-office. Irving may have been sold on Boston's viability as a championship contender based on a plan to spin their young players and...
  10. camneely

    Celtics in 18-19

    Foul trouble in the first half.
  11. camneely

    Celtics in 18-19

    The next 7 games, leading up to a visit on the 21st from Milwaukee, are all eminently winnable (NY, Chi, NO, Wash, Atl, Det, Pho). I'm hopeful that we'll see this team put together a nice little run going into Xmas, and make up some of the distance between themselves and Toronto.