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  1. jungleboy

    Roger Kahn dies at 92

    AP: Roger Kahn, elegant 'Boys of Summer' author, dies at 92. Joe Posnanski has written a beautiful remembrance on The Athletic, which is unlocked for all.
  2. jungleboy

    The World Series and Me

    I began watching the World Series in the middle of the night at age 11 in 1991, halfway around the globe from where the games were being played. I was a junior pitcher and infielder for the Pittwater Dolphins in my home town of Sydney, Australia, and my coach alerted me to the fact that...
  3. jungleboy

    Alpine Skiing medal predictions

    This is a rough guide (with predictions) for alpine skiing in PyeongChang. I used to write statistical previews for each World Cup race for FIS and though I haven’t done that since the end of the last Olympic cycle, I still watch the WC on a weekly basis. There will be 11 events, including a...