2016-2017 Celtics Predictions

How many wins for the C's this year?

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Jul 15, 2005
Milford, CT
Just wanted to get an idea of how everyone feels about this year.
I think the Celtics will win a few more games than their projection due to better than expected contributions from younger players.

Wins: 53
Most Improved: Rozier
6th Man: Smart
MVP: Horford
Playoffs: Lose ECF


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Jul 15, 2005
wins - 49
most improved - james young*
mvp - isiah thomas
playoffs - lose to Toronto in conference semfinals

* this pick is deliberately contrarian. At the end of the year I will argue that not getting cut represents the biggest improvement.

Lose Remerswaal

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I picked 55 wins, which gave me two options for the vote so I chose the higher one because, fan.
Most improved: Marcus Smart. Elevates his game to near All Star quality
MVP: Horford. We can get good free agents
Playoffs: Lose to Cleveland in Conference Finals


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Apr 16, 2007
I like this team for 50+ wins. If they can get an ECF berth, that would be huge for this team moving forward. It would set them up to grab another big FA in 2017 or a star via trade and (hopefully) a top 3 draft pick.


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Jan 15, 2004
51 Wins
Rozier is the big riser
Smart is disappointingly stagnant
Olynyk loses rotation minutes
Horford proves to be huge upgrade up front
Lose in 2nd round

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Feb 17, 2010
52 Wins.
MIP: Rozier
MVP: Horford (upgrade from Sully is dramatic)
Brown finishes behind Ingram for ROY
Lose in 2nd round to Pacers
Nets get 3rd pick in the draft.


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Aug 1, 2006
Wins 51
Most Improved: Rozier (mostly because going from nothing to rotation player is huge and I don't think any role players make the leap to All-Star)
MVP: Horford
Playoffs: lose to Cleveland in the 2nd round

Other random predictions:

Olynyk takes time to get back into it after the shoulder injury, but post-AB he becomes maybe our most important bench player, shooting 45% or higher from 3 and playing good D.

Smart's shot is still broken, and despite his great D he sees his minutes drop back down to last year's levels as Rozier and Brown start nipping at his heels.

Gerald Green falls out of the rotation by mid-year.

The Celtics try and fail to make a big trade again.

Bradley shows improved playmaking and off the dribble offense, allowing him to take some pressure off Thomas.

Tyler Zeller is a stiff.


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Apr 28, 2009
Wins: 54
Most Improved Player: Terry Rozier
MVP: Thornton
Playoffs: Beat IND in ECF, lose in NBA Finals.

-LeBron will miss a few weeks + the Playoffs due to injury.

-Russell Westbrook will be (at least) 22-10-10 when the year turns over and OKC will be 18-15 and in a PlayOff spot.

-GS will lose at least 6 games before 2017 arrives.

-Utah and Indiana will be Top5 teams in their Conferences.

-Boston will either draft Harry Giles and keep him or trade their pick somehow.

-Someone (Wes Matthews, Andrew Bogut, Deron Williams) on the Mavs roster will get injured for extended time. Harrison Barnes is an okay player, but not a great leader. They will be average, until they collect injuries. Then Dirk takes a break and they tank hard. They get the 8th worst record and hope for a Top5 pick.

-The Clippers will finish with the 2nd seed and lose in the 1st round.

-The Knicks will go to the Playoffs!!


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Oct 2, 2007
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56 wins. And a closer than expected loss in the ECF.

Other predictions:
  1. Rozier won't get regular enough minutes to make the jump people expect him to.
  2. The Celtics will have a top 3 defense.
  3. By the trade deadline Celtics fans will decide Al Horford doesn't count and the "Free agents don't sign in Boston" narrative will once again dominate any discussions here.

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Mar 26, 2005
Other random predictions:

* * * *

Tyler Zeller is a stiff.
This is more of a statement of fact than a prediction, no?

Wins 54
Most Improved: Marcus Smart. I think his hard work pays off.
MVP: Brad.
Playoffs: lose to Cleveland and if for some reason they don't play CLE, they are going to Finals.

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Oct 31, 2013
Most Improved: Kelly Olynyk
6th man: Brown
Playoffs: beat Cleveland in 6, lose to GSW in 5.
Leonard wins league MVP
Westbrook gets 2nd


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Nov 28, 2005
55 wins
Most Inproved: Rozier
MVP: Horford
Playoffs: Lose in NBA Finals


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Jul 17, 2005
The toilet.
56 wins
Rozier Most Improved
Horford MVP
NBA Champs (Lebron injury derails CLE and we catch Spurs in Final)

...Things also get serious with me and Selena Gomez around January.


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49 wins, lose to Toronto in 2nd round.

IT is team MVP (again). Olynyk is most improved. (I agree with whoever said Rozier won't get minutes.) Horford is a disappointment.

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Jul 30, 2001
56 Wins
MVP: Horford
Most improved: Rozier

NBA Champ: GSW
MVP: Westbrook who barely misses averaging a triple double.


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Jul 15, 2005
Milford, CT
Bump, 4 people picked 53 wins on the nose. including yours truly. Looking back I think more than a few people might be disappointed in how Rozier progressed this season.


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May 31, 2007
Bump, 4 people picked 53 wins on the nose. including yours truly. Looking back I think more than a few people might be disappointed in how Rozier progressed this season.
Yeah, we were all fooled by his strong summer league performance.