2020 PGA Tour

Lupe Whalewatch

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Aug 1, 2006
Worlds End
Ive been lucky enough to play this course a bunch over the years. Always my first round in months, and always kicked my ass. One of the better locker room bar setups I've ever seen.

Al Zarilla

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Dec 8, 2005
San Andreas Fault
I’m hanging on every word out of Tiger’s and TB’s mouth, and would rather have the other 2 on mute.
Peyton sounded pretty relaxed and funny in the pre- stuff. “Brady should have Gronkowski for his caddy because he does everything Brady tells him.” Something about Belichick too.


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Jan 31, 2009
I thought the front was best ball and the back was alternate shot?
Front 9 is four ball, with the football players getting a shot on 3 of the 9 holes. Back 9 is modified alternative shot where all 4 tee off and then each team picks the ball to play alternative shot from there.


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Nov 4, 2007
Tiger and Brady are kind of drips. If they were paired I wonder if they’d say two words to each other.