5/29 - The Last Of Us

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make hers mark
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Oct 6, 2010
Moving the Line
This is lifeless to open the half. I did NOT expect the defense to be the issue like this.

Joe knows when to take the timeout now though for that crowd, so there's that.

Jed Zeppelin

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Aug 23, 2008
How the fuck do you come back from 3-0 for a Game 7 at home and spend all night ducking under screens. Small time stuff.


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Apr 17, 2003
They need to get angry out there. Attack the rim, play firm defense.

They started out well and about four minutes in just lost it.

The disparity in those travel calls is embarrassing for league——and it’s been going on all series.


Found no thrill on Blueberry Hill
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Sep 9, 2008
They don’t have it. Sucks. Best case they score another 50. But they can’t get enough stops to make that enough.

Hell of a come back but they ran out of gas.