5/4/2023 Toronto @ Boston - "Broom shakalaka!"


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Mar 15, 2004
Pretty fired up after that 4 game sweep of the Jays. Friggin Awesome.

You are never as good as you look on you best streaks and you are never as bad as you look on your worst streaks... but dang, this team looks really good right now.
A few guys are on heaters that are unsustainable in my opinion (Yoshi, Duran, Doogie, Mcguire - just my opinion), but also a few guys could get warmer (Casas and Devers to an extent).
Plus Story and Duvall waiting in the wings.

I think it will come down to pitching and in particular to pitching health.

Regardless, right now they are playing great baseball and its fun to watch. Plus the speed aspect is a new, fun element.