6/12 - Finals Game 3 @ DAL – Five Wear Green


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Jun 14, 2013
Nashua, NH
Celtics game to lose. Luka is on fumes and even a hot Kyrie *shouldn’t* be enough. Just focus and execute. Celtics are the better team and it doesn’t feel particularly close.
Agree. I really think it comes down to making their threes. The defense is and will continue to be great.

Jed Zeppelin

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Aug 23, 2008
Except for Luka being a fat lazy tired fuck the Mavs couldn’t be playing much better and they cannot get any traction.


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Aug 1, 2001
My 1st half notes:

Tatum shooting better from outside but still not finishing consistently at the rim. Part of that is the Mavs hacking him with impunity. Obviously a great half for him overall.


Luka sometimes seems more interested in baiting for BS fouls than actually scoring/winning.

Hope Breen and Doris brough extra towels for the orgasmic reactions to literally every Kyrie basket.

Someone needs to explain to Doris that it’s actually not a good thing for your basketball team when one or two guys account for almost all of the scoring.

Every time the Mavs get a dunk I expect confetti to come down.

Mavs threw some haymakers in front of a frenzied crowd, and it’s essentially tied.

Al Horford is good.

Fuck you Mahomes