6/2—NBA Finals, Game 1, Celts at Warriors


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Jul 15, 2005
2.5 more hours… this wait is excruciating.

But the Celtics are in the Finals!



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Oct 19, 2011
Second takeaway from that is Ime is a Wu-Tang disciple.
I was waiting for Scoop to respond to that with “Wu-Tang again?” and Time Lord to reply, “aw yeah, again and again.”

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Jun 26, 2008
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It was part of it, for sure, but a smallish part. He hit 43 threes total this season, at a modest .358 clip. And I think it was a bit smoke-and-mirrors, as he's only .320 career, and .603 from the stripe. A much bigger part of his impact was of course the insanely great point-of-attack D, speed, and athleticism, plus fantastic rebounding for his size (7.1 boards per 36), and freakish finishing ability (.754 on twos). I'd think a lot of that should carry over even if the elbow brings his three ball down to earth.
Yeah, I think I could have been clearer in my initial post. I'm not suggesting that he's a significant offensive contributor from three: clearly, it's his electric, all-Defense level work on that end of the floor that earned Payton his minutes. But I'm of the opinion that the fact that he has demonstrated the ability to hit threes when defenses are scrambling to account for Curry, Klay and/or Poole helps make the other team pay if they choose to completely ignore him on the offensive end. Given that he hasn't been able to shoot a basketball from the game he was injured until now, I wouldn't be surprised if his ability to do even that on the offensive end is limited.


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Aug 9, 2009
Glad Rob feels healthy enough to play.

Was sort of expecting him to take some more time given the off days coming up in hopes of being healthier for mid to late series.

Guess we’ll see how it goes, hope he feels a lot better than in Game 7 vs Miami!


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Jan 26, 2017
I'm out for this late start, but dammit, Celtics, bring the energy from minute 1 and don't let anyone get comfortable and stomp these guys! Go green!


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Jan 20, 2007
The pink leopard will strike tonight, just you wait.
Way better moniker than ripping black mamba from a movie and giving it to yourself. I could get into that.


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Mar 2, 2009
If the Celtics win this year, it’ll be a storybook season like the 2004 Red Sox and 2014 Patriots.
Revenge tour against the 3 teams that beat you in the playoffs the last 3 years, and then cap it off against the modern dynasty of the last decade.

I hope they play to their strengths and have Tatum lead the way.


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Sep 29, 2007
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Celtics starters for NBA Finals Game 1: Robert Williams Al Horford Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown Marcus Smart
Warriors starters: Kevon Looney Draymond Green Andrew Wiggins Klay Thompson Stephen Curry


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Jul 22, 2005
I have grown to hate the NBA, have watched fewer than ten regular season or postseason games since the Paul Pierce era before this season, and I might vomit from the stress. I love championship sports.

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Dec 16, 2004
All 5 on the national pre-game show (including Magic, of course) pick the Warriors.

Edit: as posted above more quickly.