Apple Watch Wireless Charging


Cow Humper
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Jul 18, 2007
My wife has a new series 3 Apple Watch and an old alarm clock she hates. I'm trying to find something that will serve as a new alarm clock and allow her to more conveniently charge her watch.

My quick googling says a lot about Apple's wireless charging being somewhat proprietary, but I've found plenty of listings for alarm clocks that claim they can charge things like iPhone 8/X/etc on them.

I dont know shit about the watch or wireless charging as I dont have any devices that utilize that technology. Can anyone confirm if something that can wirelessly charge various iPhone models would be able to charge an apple watch?

I saw some other models that have USB ports, so that could be a backup plan if need be.

Papelbon's Poutine

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Dec 4, 2005
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Cow Humper
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Jul 18, 2007
@Seven Costanza - That's certainly neat, but I'd like to actually find an alarm clock that can wirelessly charge her watch if possible. I found a couple but they're a little more pricey than I was looking for.

This one is Apple specific and has a little Apple Watch doohickey on the side, but is over $100 and the reviews arent very good.

ihome alarm clock

At this point, I'm actually looking for people to confirm or refute whether they've had luck with non Apple-proprietary Qi chargers working with Apple watches, vs only only Apple specific cords/plugs/etc.

While I wouldnt necessarily get this particular model, I'm curious if something along this vain would work:

qi charging alarm clock

EDIT - Amazon links didnt appear to be working so added url's

B H Kim

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Oct 24, 2003
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I have one of these on my nightstand. It cost about $10 on Amazon. I just stick the Apple Watch charger in it and use the alarm feature on the watch.



Ronald Bartel
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Jul 19, 2005
If the charger is Qi certified it should work with the Apple watch. No need to buy Apple branded.

Would she be willing to use her phone as the clock? There are a ton of iphone / Apple Watch charger combos out there.