Bobby Hull Passes Away


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Aug 25, 2005
He was the Mickey Mantle of hockey in his youthful years. Blond, fast, big slap shot, charismatic. Bobby Orr replaced him just as Hull jumped leagues.


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Jul 3, 2000
Tremendous hockey player. Horrible human being.
For added context:

Hull was convicted in 1987 of assaulting a police officer who intervened in an argument between Hull and then-wife Deborah. A mini-documentary by ESPN in 2002 included his previous wife, Joanne, recounting a fight in which Hull beat her in the head with a steel-heeled shoe, then held her off a balcony in Hawaii.

Hull’s daughter, Michelle, who became a defense lawyer for female abuse victims, also detailed Hull’s history of alcoholism in that documentary.

In 1997, a Russian publication quoted Hull as saying that, ‘‘Hitler had some good ideas,’’ claiming that the Black population was growing too fast and expressing his support for genetic breeding. Hull denied the comments and sued the publication at the time.


Jun 11, 2019
Wow... never really paid attention to him other than a name as a "hockey great"... guess he's lucky he never got caught on camera or that any of the wives died from the abuse.

Mighty Joe Young

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Sep 14, 2002
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Hull had an argument for being the best player in the world for most of early and mid sixties. Howe had started to fade and Orr hadn’t yet arrived. He , and Stan Mikita lead the curved stick revolution then in vogue - terrorizing (mask free) goalies with the unpredictable movement of the resulting slap shots. Eventually leading to rules on stick curvature.

Of course he was the face of the WHA when he jumped leagues. Pity his legacy was destroyed by being such a horrible human.

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Jul 2, 2006
He was a fantastic hockey player and a horrible human being, and to pretend like one of those is somehow at odds with the other is a fool's math.
"A fool's math" is a perfect phrase to describe all the obituaries that come out and describe some newly-dead, famous, garbage person as "complicated."

Bobby Hull rarely passed anything in his career, but luckily for the world, this passing wasn't his choice.


chris hansen of goats
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May 19, 2004
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I doubt it. The WHA was way looser defensively than the NHL. No way Hull scores 77 at age 36 in the NHL for example.

And even with the WHA boost he has a total of 903 goals. Howe had 975 combined NHL and WHA goals. Gretzky BTW had 46 WHA goals for a total of 940.


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Jun 19, 2002
Albany area, NY
His slapshot was so great that he could score with it from the blue line. I remember reading about the best shots of that era (Bobby Orr was on the list) and the word was that his brother Dennis' shot was harder but that Bobby's had more movement. He had an unbelievable bigger-than-life swag on the ice with his speed, hair and slap shot! There would never be anything like him again...oh wait, Guy LaFleur


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Mar 5, 2004
Saskatoon Canada
When I played college hoops we were thrilled to be on a plane with the Golden Jet. He was sitting in first class chatting up this young gal. When the plane landed he was all over her as we got bags, insisting she share a ride with him. He was standing between her and her bag, he had clearly had a few. A guy on my team, a huge 6'9 guy reached over him and grabbed her bag, and as he handed it it to her said, "Hey are you Bobby Hull?" As the young woman made her escape, Bobby became the picture of charm, answering questions, signing autographs. As he left he pulled the big guy aside and told him "I wasn't always an asshole you know" and said he should hire a guy that big to keep him out of trouble. Clearly a guy who struggled with alcoholism.