Bud Selig trolls Bonds @ Aaron ceremony


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May 21, 2004
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At this point I wouldn't be surprised if his last two acts as Commish at the end of the season are a lifetime ban for A-Rod and an * asterisk for Bonds's HR records....

Selig hints Aaron still baseball's home-run king
ATLANTA (AP) — Hank Aaron is still the home run king to many. Even baseball commissioner Bud Selig has a difficult time seeing it any other way.


Aaron was honored before the Braves game against the New York Mets on Tuesday night with a ceremony commemorating the 40th anniversary of his 715th home run, the one that pushed him past Babe Ruth and gave him the major league record.
Aaron finished with 755 home runs, but was eventually passed on the career list by Barry Bonds, whose career was tarnished by steroids allegations. Bonds has 762 homers, but many baseball fans don't accept that number and stand by Aaron as the true record-holder.
Speaking with reporters after the ceremony, Selig was asked about Aaron being called the true home run king.
"I'm always in a sensitive spot there, but I've said that myself and I'll just leave it at that," Selig said.
During the ceremony Braves chairman Terry McGuirk said Aaron "set the home-run record the old-fashioned way" and added "You will always be the home run king of all time."