CC & Jay-Z team up!

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Sep 12, 2003
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Why the hate? I mean, it worked for Cano, right?

The man has accumulated half a billion dollars in net worth, much of that coming from stuff other than music. The man is very, very smart and a great business, man.


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Aug 21, 2006
I just got nothing against Hova.  I find it amusing that CC is a good signing.


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Jun 26, 2010
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Sabathia, 33, has at least three years left on his contract, which comes with a guaranteed $76 million. But when contract conversations do come up, which won't take place until before the 2017 season at the earliest, Roc Nation spokesman Ron Berkowitz said Jay Z and Perez plan on negotiating the pitcher's deal.
Sabathia has an endorsement deal with the Jordan brand, and in the past couple of years has done commercials for both Pepsi and Subway.
Sabathia had been with the firm now known as Legacy Sports Group his entire career.
I thought this was interesting. It seems like Roc Nation is targeting athletes currently playing with NY teams, and Cano's contract with the Mariners was apparently impressive enough to give them enough clout to start reeling in some more big fish. Judging on how the Cano negotiations went with the Yankees, it's probably not a good thing for the Yankees if more of their players end up joining JayZ's agency. For Sabathia specifically it's probably not a huge deal, as I don't imagine the Yankees will be considering him a must-sign next time he's a free agent, but if this trend continues it could have some interesting effects.


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Jan 12, 2007
And signs with his right hand.  Thought that was odd.  
That's pretty common. I do everything right handed except writing.

Just realized, doesn't everyone use their left hand for forks and spoons and right for the knife?


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Nov 29, 2001
Foulkey Reese said:
Looks like he may in fact be in the "best shape of his life".
Unfortunately for the Yankees and their fans, there is no correlation between Sabathia's weight and his effectiveness. He was a big boy when he was at his best.


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Aug 25, 2005
Yeah, he said earlier this week he is the same weight, just redistributed it with workouts and diet. Might help his fielding. He has looked awful the last two or three years trying to get off the mound to chase slow dribblers. Might even help his mechanics. And his frame of mind. But his fastball? No. He needs to locate everything precisely from now on. Had a lot of trouble with that in 2013.