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Aug 12, 2003
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Hi all,
I'd like to be able to set up several email addresses like this:

emails to,, and all go to, so I only have to check in the one place ( for the emails to all those addresses. However, when I reply from to the emails that have come in, I want the "From" to show as whichever address the email I received went to originally.
In other words, receive everything using one email address/inbox, but "replying from" whatever address things were sent to. Even if it might be "" and not

I swear I did exactly this a few years ago, with a different web host, and it was easy, but I can't remember how, and my current host says I have to do it at the mail client level. But I use Outlook and Thunderbird on different desktops at different locations, and also Gmail client on mobile. And the clients' Help functions seem to imply that it has to be done at the host.....

Did I dream that I did this in the past, and it wasn't even that hard?


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Sep 4, 2005
If you add the accounts to your Outlook client, you can select the "from" address within each message - the default is whatever mailbox you're in, but it's changeable.

I have mail delivered to individual accounts, have these different accounts within Outlook, and also forward all email to my main account - so I see all messages as they come in, and/or I can review messages within a specific account. If I get mail in alt account A, it shows up in the alt account a mailbox and (via forward) in my main account. If I am in alt account a and respond, the default "from" address is; if I respond from my main account the default "from" is; but in either case, I can switch to a different "from" address by using a pick list at the top of the mail message.

Hope this helps!

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My gmail works like that. I have 4 gmail addresses, all of them are delivered to my "main" one. If I reply to them they "come" from the same one they were sent to.

I can also initiate e-mail from the main account and pick a specific "from" return address, although if the recipient looks a bit they will see the header also has "sent by" my main account, but replies will go to that specific address. To avoid that I'd have to log out of my main and into the specific one I want to send from.